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11:22:00 AM

You'll never know how hard it is
To stay in the dark for a thousand years
I wish I could understand you
That's the only reason I'm locking myself up.

It's painful, I'm missing tiny bits of bliss
But the emptiness somehow completes me
But I still couldn't understand you
I just wish I could save you.

You said you'll be there for me
If I fall, you'll give me a hand
You'll give me your arms
To spoil myself in your embrace.

I want to see you
But it's not time yet
And I know there'll be no time
For us to be together.

I'm screaming, can't you hear me?
My hair has overgrown yours, it's cold and I'm shattered
In this room I'll be trapped forever
The last thing to say is 'goodbye.'

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