Racing Dreams

11:46:00 PM

Every night I shake in my sleep, just another nightmare, it's dark and deep. Everytime I just slowly crrep. Then as I hear a scream I begin to run. Now i hear drive-bys, armed to the teeth with bombs and guns. I hear her scream, so shrill and full of terror. I start sprinting, my heart beat like a tremor. Now my head's spinning,I hear someone crying. Could someone be dieing? It's not worth denying. It's her, the one I love. Invading my nightmares, a hell from my dove. I suddenly appear in a street, looking up. I see my loved one, on the building, about to jump. "NO!" But she suddenly falls, somehow not of her accord. She keeps falling and falling, the death train soon she'll board. "Don't jump!" I scream all too late. She's falling to her death, I can't believe this is fate. She's about to hit the ground, when i wake without a sound. I weep my silent tears, then realize she's still here.

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  1. This may not be apropriate- but you're such a romantic!
    [yes it may just have dawned on me now, what can i say? These things take time]

  2. thats one hell of a nightmare to have.
    Must be well scary!


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