Rickety Arts

9:12:00 PM

You must be wondering why can you see this banner, and whats going on, what is rickety arts... Obviously its related to art, but you know what the surprise which i have for you in it is, this site is for you people, yes for all of you, for your requests, things which you would like me to make it for you, if you want a banner for you blog, you just make a request and i'll be making it for you, if you want me to customize or manipulate your photography just make a request and i'll make it for you... I think i shouldn't bore you much so lemme request you to visit http://ricketyarts.blogspot.com

all queiries about it would be answered there please do give it a visit, by the way its layout is completely designed by me, so you can also get specific layouts made for your blogs as well, so just give it a visit and please do criticize, i would love to know your opinion about it.

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  1. Coool now u found a new way to spend time durin ur holidays instead of macher murders :P Good luck !!!


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