Seperated - Thats never enough

10:37:00 PM

We're so close, yet so far.
The distance between us, can't be measured.
By just thinking of it,
Oh, my heart's breaking.
My legs are trembling.

...My tears are dropping.

You used to be there hiding me in your arms,
With me struggling to stop hiccuping.
You used to be there, patting me on my head.
Kissing my forehead, saying that it'll be fine.

It's flooding.
Now I can't stop crying.

You are the one,
And I'm the one for you.
I love you,
And you love me too.

But you decided what's best for your parents,
Rather, they decide what's best for you,
Looks like you really wanted to be the greater one.

I wish you knew how to decide--
But I dare say that now,
For you reply my feelings,
Yet your soul crushed in between.
In between of my feelings,
And your parents'.

Where's yours?

Are you there?

..Are you still there?

Am I speaking gibberish,
Or am I just in misery?

Why is this happening?

Just when finally,
I found someone so dear,
So precious, my love...
...Why did you have to perish from my sight?

It's all like a dream.
And I woke up too soon.

Our bodies aren't in the same room,
We are not breathing the same air.
I can't see your mesmerizing eyes,
You can't see my smiling face.

At times I cry,
I'm glad you're not here to see my tears;
My swollen eyes.
Somehow I'm just glad you're not here,
To see my embarrassing face.

But at the same time I hiccup,
As the tears keep dripping,
I wish you were here.
Want your warm arms around me,
Letting me wet your shirt,
And could just snuggle against your warm chest,
Oh, how relaxing it would feel.
But you know you're more than just a tissue, right?

At times I'm bored,
I wonder what you're doing.
I become more and more timid,
Frustrated because I can't see the face of my own beloved.

At times when I question,
I wonder if you question things about me too.

Now I simply giggle,
Remembering the times you wrote to me.
That one time when you said we're alike,
And another time when you said that I filled your empty cup.

We're separated, but we're connected.

I'm not breathing the same air you're inhaling,
But I know one thing for sure;
You're the air I'm breathing,
You are my life

But the thing which we have will keep us together
The love we have will always remain
Because we'll always have our

Seperated Union

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  1. oye.... didnt you upload the pink one before....? or maybe i'm having d'javu..... nice ... by the way....

  2. Thanks for sharing, i really needed to be reminded. Liked the first one best as i can relate more to it.

    I wish i could express my feelings the same way as you do it. Hope to see more! :)

  3. @Baq2life:
    thanks alot, the first one is close to me aswell, rather then the second one....

    oh, thanks... i wish i could express more, and yeah i'll definitly keep on uploading :)

  4. "I'm not breathing the same air you're inhaling,
    But I know one thing for sure;
    You're the air I'm breathing,
    You are my life".....

    i can't place... i have read this before.... are you sure its new.... it sounds familiar... maybe i've HEARD someone say that...

  5. han.... probably...... grammer mistakes bohat ziada hain :$

  6. okay... lemme point out that came to my notice

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  10. Hey Ubee well expressed as well :) U do have a way of penning ur emotions.

    Agar grammer ki baat hei I could help you too, mail me k :)I too did find a few lines like karma said you could work gramattically on .But the essence of the poem was wonderful.

    Keep writing for I always enjoy them.God bless!!

  11. @Saanj:
    thanks alot buddy, yeah pls i would love to have that in mail, but karma helped me alot, so do read the corrected version...

    and if there is still some issue do tell me, and would love to have tips to improve these errors of mine :)

  12. ahh y do we have to go through this ?! sounds so much like my story!..but well very well expressed!..

  13. hmm, guess thats something we have in common then! :(... but i never did express it to her, though I guess she has a fair idea what i'am going through!...*sigh!*

  14. well I dont knw how it'd make things easier, coz she'd made up her mind that she'd wanna make her parents happy... if I do express my feelings,all it'll do is just give her more pain... so I decided I'd rather keep it with myself :)

  15. @Anonymous:
    Yeah you are right it won't make things easier, but the thing is you'll feel better, coz not expressing hurts as well... and seeing that person daily and knowing that she doesn't even know that you love her, man that would be a pretty awful situation hai naa ?


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