Sorry NimzZz

12:20:00 PM

You're hurt now and I'm the cause, your smiles fade to frowns and it's all because, I was without conscience, I was without heart, Now I want to say I'm sorry, But I don't know where to start... Words really can't express the sorrow that I feel, for every tear you shed, when i doubted you and then didn't even wish you. I let you down, infact i let my self down, i know you say it's ok, and you say it's fine per friends are supposed to love you, friends are supposed to care, but where the hell was I when you needed me there? A day of your happiness, the day when you actually felt happy, the day when everybody was there, even those which don't mean to you much, the only one missing was me. I'm sorry that I've hurt you, I'm sorry that you've cried (even if it was your heart that shed some tears), I'm sorry that I'm not a friend, in whom you can confide. You know that I do wish that things were different, I wish that things were fine, but to my dismay I can't go back,
And change things through the sands of time...

NimzZz all I can do is say I'm sorry, for that is what I truly am. If it helps then you should know, I will do the best I can to hold my tongue from now on and to never hurt you again, and also pakka i won't forget your birthday ever again, am sorry yaar :( ... Ego, attitude, fights should never come in between us, i promise that i'll never let them come in between us, and this is a gift from my side, that from now on, no more hurt from my side, no more argueing with you over things which are just meaningless. I'll be the pehlay wala ubaid, just forgive me this time. I know you have said that you have forgiven, per deep down inside you missed me alot at the time of joy, at the time of happiness, and am sorry for everything....

Hey buddy, at the end i just wanna say belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Nimmzz :) :P nice Ubee :P

  2. sweetheart i told u it's totally ok, sometimes ppl do 4get and it wasn't ur fault. u said u tried to contact me n u weren't feeling well. its alrite i told u b4 too i 4give u. itz not a big deal just a b-day. they come every year u know :P don't worry about it, we were really good friends b4, n we're really good friends now too :D n don't apologize so much ube, i hate it when some1 apologizes that much for no reason. im not mad at u :] <3

  3. Cake looks scrumtlicious, delicious...tandypicious...and klookiilicious... now as u have my taste activated..where can i buy the cake from?? :P Taars kha laay aur bataa?? I am prepared to pay 1000 for something like that ...wooo
    and hope make up with friend!


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