6:15:00 PM

I'd like to know her mind, how it works and how it rests what it needs and what it wants. I'd like to give the world if she asks no matter what if it feeds my brain or infects my blood veins :p... I'd like to but she won't let me to Is there no way to draw you in? Is there no way make you turn this way? Maybe not. But I fell deeper, this isn't the deepest I fell for just by sighing and hearing your name in my head I slipped and my heart dropped again (don't laugh now).... Now what should I do? Am struck but stuck at the same time. Your name like a neon sign stands out in my dark mind and it's hard to rub it off. Why does it work out this way why should I fall deeper each time. It's not even stoppable, how do I work my mind again? HEYYY does anybody know where's the reboot button. For a moment i seriously wish that i would be a computer my user just would just have to make me do everything. And i would be lifeless and hence I could just crash when they wear me out.... waisey what was i talking about :s .... haven't slept for the past 4 days, insomnia i guess... ok this post is making me confused, it would have been better if i just would mail the thing to you :p

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  1. It would be so easy just to be a hassle of emotions..but then again would you really want to be a computer? :P
    You have'nt slept in the last 4 days..yaar your not the only..i sleep late and wake up early :S
    Dont what to do.. :)

  2. You better get some sleep :)

  3. Go sleep and eat cookies =D
    Yar, my template got screwed up by itself, it had photobucket ke tabs all over the damn background, and woh theek nai ho raha tha SO =/

  4. Hehe Ubee me na feels am looking in a mirror when I read what you write :O hmmmm I knw the feelin :) Oh n me hasnt slept more than 2 hrs a nite past 3 mnths.... temme if u manage to get sleep how u do it :P


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