The Block

11:50:00 PM

Sitting in the chair wasting my life away, waiting for an idea which i know will never come. It's a wretched disease i guess, it plagues so many, i guess all of you have gone through it as well, and it stays for so long, or maybe for a bit but either way by the time its gone, comes another problem....

Yes it has been a while since I wrote something about love, about my life, or even ranted something out, all i posted were just words which i wrote in the past... Days have passed without a single word about heartbeats and heartaches... Have I lost my desire to put it down in poems or even prose? Have I lost interest in painting romantic portraits and landscapes through letters and punctuations?


Though deep down within me, love's flames continue to burn. I still have nothing to write about you or even about what am feeling, or what am going through. Uninspired -Naahhh. Apathetic -No. Frigid -Never. Questions I have asked, answers I have seeked. Yet still I have nothing to write about you. All I know is that each passing day my soul breathes for you and my heart drowns my mind with your name. Selfish - maybe thats what i am, knowing that you are happy doesn't even satisfy me. Feeling you close, is all i want. I guess the only thing which i can say at the moment is finally I found the one who has made ME speechless.....

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  1. I love the writing style in this one!
    such depth...

  2. Well said and yups most of us go thru this :) A standstill phase , a block .... a passing phase .

    As always love the way your thoughts flow into words ...

    God bless !!

  3. Ubee u complex mechanism :P (I hope we can settle our differences and get along mate :)

  4. chaal rehnaay daay yaaar...did'nt u get my email tho??

  5. on devil email

  6. chalo will send again ....

  7. i was jokin but limit cross hogee :(

  8. sorry yaar...ok tomrow will take u out to eat :)

  9. promise me kaay tu kuch kaay gaa nahee whn i meet u promise kaar...

  10. I am a friend of urs...yaaar...take it eay...okk i will phone u and tell u who i am...par promise kaay naraz nee honaaa pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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