6:22:00 PM

What's in my mind
Nobody knows, it's far too blank
Standing high with two empty eyes
Chin up but looking sideways
Gazing into the thin air.

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  1. you know when sometimes u see people staring in the space and lost in thought...you absolutely, totally HAVE to know whats on their mind...gosh i love staring into thin air!

  2. @Ridz:
    Yes it is in complete, i tried to complete it, but the thing which i got was this:

    Deceitful thoughts implanted in his mind
    Wiped carefully but scarred deep
    Screamed he won't do
    Though the ammonia slit open his skin
    Hissed away the pain, even he can't do
    For the cradled broken neck snapped away his nerves.

    Cautious as one who's betrayed a thousand times
    Like a radar he keeps thinking of possibilities
    Of why things are being this way and not that
    Sharpen eyes which knows it all but filled with a pinch of anxiety
    Thousand grams of cluelessness, a crowd of deprived rage.

    What's he standing for
    he has no idea ANYMORE.....

    seee this makes my poem depressing and totally not like the way i want ... thats why i prefer key jitna likha hua hai utna hi rahay!!


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