Aaj din chadhya

3:35:00 PM

Aaj mosam bohat acha hai.. ami kehtien hain achay mosam mai khush khush rehna chaiya hai.... :D And subah sey am all ladooooo and high ajeeb sa woh bhi :p Kuj kerna kurna toh honda nahi hai rotiyan torni aandi hain mainu but aaj kal am actually working on a project... am desiging a CORPORATE IDENTITY (for people who don't know what corporate identity is, it is the main thing of a company, like its logo, spelling of its name, its main header, paper design, business card design and other stuff) for a NGO which is going to open soon... So thats why RICKETY ARTS ka kaam not hoingz. But this is almost done so soon inshallah all your requests would be completed so just bear few more days :) .....

Ok so as the mood was high and i was singing and dancing around (suchi main) .... even when i was driving the car thought would share some songs with you people which are like suchi mai awesome !!! and am in love with them.... and some of them are happy high songs :)

so do give all these songs a listen you can trust me on this ....

(click on the song to driectly download it) :D

Khudaya Ve
Jee Le
Dhan Te Nan
Pehli Baar Mohabbat
Raat Ke Dhai Baje
Chor Bazaari
Aahun Aahun
Ajj Din Chadheya
Main Kya Hoon

I am in love with most of these songs... and oh do remind me in few days i'll upload an exclusive songs just for you people...

anyways me back to my work.... itnay achay mosam mai kaam :( ... per well atleast am being usefull :p

I'll leave you all with one of my favourite song!!!

Ajj din chadheya tere rang warga, phul sa hai khila aaj din mayra..... Rabba mere din yeh na dhale woh jo mujhe khawab mein mile, use tu lagade ab gale tenu dil da vasta....

And ufff these lines are just so close to my heart....
Baksha gunaho ko, Sun ke duwao ko, Rabba pyaar hai tune sab ko hi de diya... Meri bhi aahon ko sun le duwao ko mujhko woh dila mene jisko hai dil diya........

Manga jo mera hai jata kya tera hai, Mene kaun si tujhse jannat mang li... Kaisa khuda hai tu bas naam ka hai tu, Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali......

Chahiye jo mujhe, kar de tu mujhko ata..... ker day tu mujhko ataaa *hayeeeee* ................

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  1. the songs u added :P u didnt add mere sang chal from new york... i loved that track too :P

  2. aj din chareya is sucha beautiful song.... never heard it before...

    gona check out other recommended songs too...

    nice blog btw :P


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