5:00:00 PM

It took just one night
For me to change
In just one night,
I went from popular to strange

I no longer smiled
I no longer talked
Instead I just walked
Block after block

I sat alone
And wiped a tear from my cheek
No friends anymore
Though it’d been less then a week

I guess it wasn’t your fault
How were you to know?
That you were killing me more
Then I ever would show

You’d promised you’d stay,
Stay till the end
But I guess you’d forgotten
How I once was a friend

The day I became scared
And I pulled away
Was the day you all said, “let’s give him some space”
But said that again, day after day.

You left me
When I needed you most
And now I am what?
Nothing but a ghost.

You left me,
to cut into my wrist
when I needed a friend
to help me resist

I needed you, friend
When I was crying
I needed you, friend
When I was dying

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  1. And u tell me not to be sad... :( shit yar.. and today i had a bad day...

  2. Ubeee no fair :( muhse poochtha hei if am ok hmm n aaj you have written such a heart touching poem. Like the way you have written it hmmm u ok???

  3. @AArzoo:
    well i think loosing or not loosing thats something different but to pen down what you feel makes you feel much better....

    and ufff loved what you wrote in the end :)


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