Abhi Dard Baki hai

9:06:00 PM

Abhi woh dard baki hai...... Agarchay waqt marham hai, magar kuch waqt lagta hai.... kisi ko bhool janay main, dobara dil basane main, abhi kuch waqt lagna hai, abhi woh dard baki hai.... mai kaisay naiee ulfat main, apni zaat gum ker doun, key maryay jism-o-wijdaan main abhi woh fard baki hai.... abhi toh ishq kay rastoun ki mujh par gard baki hai, Abhi woh dard baki hai.......

Note: Nothing to do with me read previous post pls.....

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  1. Kindly remind me WHERE I've read this before...hmph...its buggin' me now. Still beautiful tho.

  2. @Lonely:
    oyee sad toh naah ho .... =/

    :( don't ....

    i don't know i read it somewhere a year ago... i just recalled it... but this is not the orignal version this is a re-write by me!!

    hmmm, but what if the change is for my own good ??

  3. Hmmm Ubee :( wonderfulll....

  4. translation plz :-)

  5. aww... i absolutely like the selection of words here .. feelings well-portrayed :)

    an may the pain gets relieved soon :>


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