Am a bad guy

10:04:00 PM

I am the guy that you see hold the door open and be nice about it when people go by and yell and make fun of me.
I am the guy that when he sees a person cry instead of doing nothing about it, even though it’s none of his business I get a tissue to at least help them.
I am the guy that when he sees a very beautiful girl in front of him he compliments her by saying she’s beautiful as the nicest I can.
I am the guy which shares everything with people whom i am close to just so they could feel the comfort of being with their own.
I am the guy that wants a picture with his friends so when it’s the future I remember better times.
I am the guy that when I stand in front of a mirror I try to think I am a bad guy, just so i won't become over confident about it or be proud of it.
But now, in reality, I am considered a bad guy, a stalker!
What’s wrong with this world, or may be i am the one who is actually wrong?
Tell me!! I'll change... change for you... change for the best, just don't hate me for being myself!!!!

P.S (random note) Listen to this: FREE FALLING.....

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  1. Lol as I see it bad guys dont announce themselves BAD :P the others do it for em :P


    Welcome to the club my kutti! :D

  3. I agree with Sanj
    Bad guys don't announce themselves "BAD" other ppl tell them their bad :-P
    who announced it?
    oh and i agree with brok3n too!


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