Are you happy now ?

2:45:00 AM

Could you look me in the eye?
and tell me that you're happy now,
come on, tell it to my face or have i been replaced,
are you happy now?

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  1. To look in the eye has double meanings. One - to tell the truth, and two - to be insolent

  2. now ... dont just walk away... pretending everything's ok and you don't care about it.... what i... know is just no use.... when all your lies becomeyour truths and i don't.... ca-a-a-are.....

  3. @Karma:
    Well it's all so overrated... In not saying how you feel... So you end up watching chances fade And wondering what's re-aa-ll... And I Give you just a little time, jusstt aaa little tiimeeee.... I, Wonder if you realize.... I've been waiting till I see it in your eyes.... IF I JUST BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. and i give it just a little time.... i... hold my breath and count to ten and i've been waiting for a chance to let you iiiinn.....

  5. But, I whisper in the dark, Hoping you hear me... Do you hear meeeeee? ohhhh I've been driving for an hour.... Just talking to the rainnnnn... but what if it stops.... i would have none to talk.... so just hear meeee!!!


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