Baba maali (Part 2)

9:57:00 AM

Well i knew i talked alot the last time, and i was suppose to be uploading this post like a week ago, but just didn't get time... So finally today before going to my LSE interview i thought i would take time and upload the pictures... well my badminton court is ready, temporarily atleast... the day i took the pictures the court is a little low, although i fixed it. And well me and my bro play atleast 2 best of 3's a day one in the morning and one in the evening and well our game always takes alot of time, becuase his game is really good, and i just can't give up :p .... AnYwAyS enough with the yap yap.... check out the awesome pictures i took with my 5mp cam *SIGH* did i tell you i need a new camera =/ a DSLR!!!!

Well here it is :D ... my badminton court... its still underconstruction as yet, have to put the lines and stuff...

Well thats my racket and my brothers too and shuttle's are the result of our 2.30 game today

Oh yeah i just recently put podina in my garden and it has grown so fast :D

Buhahahaha i knew i would put this pic up... this is my all time favourite plant and i have placed its pictures on my blog millions of time :p

My court from the other side

it is looking nice naah :D

and oh did i tell you am irritated with my gardner =/ this is the third one who ran away... lets see who i find this time, and NOOOO i don't drive them crazy :p

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  1. That was a nice read (: I love that plant too and I love reading the happy dappy posts from you.

    Keep smiling.

  2. Your badminton court is not bad at all! And look at those podina leaves! They'll make yummy chutney to go with samosas or parathas.

    PS: But why do all your gardeners end up running away?

  3. @komal
    Lol yeah well i like my happy dappy posts as well :) oh yeah you have that plant at your place as well naah . . . .

  4. @nadia
    Yeah i love my court :) and mom just made chutni. . . Am eating it with chicken rolls and ufff its delicious . . .

    To tell you the truth my dadi drives them nuts and scolds them alot so whenever i am away from the weekend they usually run away :p and along with that i don't like people who don't fulfill their commitments and don't come on time so the ones which don't follow what they committed too, i prefer them to sit at their place :)

  5. Your garden is really big, and you have grass- we have massive paving slabs instead and more than 3 people in the garden would lead to suffocation.

  6. okay im guessing you live in lahore? Your front lawn reminds me of my cousins..they live in new garden town..sound familiar?

  7. @Huma:
    yes i live in lahore.. and well garden town is like 10 mins drive from my place... but my cousins live there too ... and yeah well in lahore we do have lots of gardens :D


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