Basket Of Roses (yum yum)

3:50:00 PM

Well today was a very busy day, mom had got an order and this was from a very high figh person 2 days back, we lazed around the last 2 days didn't feel like doing but today they have to pick it up at 9 at night. So we had to work hard today. Actually mom had to do most of the work coz i could just help in the basket one. Anyways i took lots of pictures of it so you could see it... And oh yeah skipped some steps while uploading i don't want to share some secrets :p

Cake number one

Making the icing for first layer

First cake sliced from the center and added the sauce in it.

Cake number two cutting from the center.

Ok so joined the two cakes and added the sauce in between so it has lots of layers now

Picture from another layer

Added sauce on it, using a saptula... and well this one is of milk chocolate imported one.

Below is the final result of the cake skipped what we did after it, coz well it took lot of hard work and time and i was not able to take pictures was helping with the icing. And by the way another layer of cake has been added in it to give the final result.

WALAAAA!! Basket of rosses!!

In live view it looks more orignal then in a picture i wish i could have captured the orignal beauty of it!! Anyways the top icing is done using dark chocolate.

By the way this cake does taste awesome, i made a mini cupcake out of the same thing and its yum, forgot to take its pictures... and am too lazy to get up and go to the fridge to take its picture. But yes it is delicious!!!

Ok now time for the hand made basket which was ordered as well.

Yeah well bought the stuff from hyper star yesterday, and the basket from our official basket making guy. All things used in the basket are imported and expenisve.

Had nothing better to do, so i made a hand made card for the basket, and yes we charge extra for making this, not so much but we do charge for it. And i love what i made buhahahah its awesome naah.. am so cool :D

Well here is the oriental mix basket

Anyone in lahore who wants to order this please check out our webiste: FLAVORS
And call on the number given, rest of the details would be given on phone. And we do take advance payment for it. And there are more cakes to choose on the website.

Ok enough with serious thing, khair do give me comments what you think about it anyways am off.... Ek nayee tension aa gayee hai, which i would share in a day or two. KHAIR I AM IN LOVE WITH CUPCAKES!!! THEY ARE SOO YUMMY!!

(karma i know you feel like killing me at the moment :p)

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  1. Your mom is so talented, mashaAllah! You are one lucky son :)

    The cake looks superb! It's so beautiful that I'd feel guilty eating it :)

  2. OMG that was superb .... Your Mom is definitely blessed with awesome talent!!No wonder you have those genes in u as well :P

    Actually like Nadia sez I 'd feel bad eating it too.Looks like somethin that shud b framed and kept :D

  3. omg, this is so unfair..i come to ur blog after a long time and u have this post to tempt my taste buds!!!

    ahhhh i want ur mum !! lol who is she? the lady who makes cakes :D

    o and btw i like the card! u did a great job ubee!
    and oh the basket of roses!! lovely!!! and oh the chocolates omg i m drooling :p

  4. Tell your mom that she has a fan :)

  5. @Ad:
    you don't love me :( :( :(


  6. The cakes look really nice. A great project.

    Though I feel the layout and design of your 'Flavors' website is a bit crude.

    If you give it a more organized and thematic look, your orders are gonna get a boost as well. ^_^

  7. ok..... you guessed right..... :(:(:(:(:(:(:(.......... it added to the gloom.... :(

  8. I never knew their were such things as cake baskets! Your mom's really very talented MashaAllah!

    And omg. Are those Ferrero rocher?
    gimme gimme gimme!!!

  9. @MAV:
    well you need to look for things in a unique way naah ;)

    and by the way they are ferrero rocher... and some of them are in the fridge :p

  10. theak hai.... done.... ;)

  11. The cake looks....
    you & ur mom are both super talented =D


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