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Well, finally.... seriously finally my 300 posts have been completed, and this definitly defines how waila i am :p Per the thing is, its not about only blogging which drags me here, its about the people, its about the environment and yes i am very happy and proud to say that, starting blogging is one of the best things in my life :) (warning the post is taking an emotional turn from this point anybody not interested to read can leave) Ok so well since the day i had started writing this post it was meant to be happy, full of shughal, excitement and randomness but some event took place yesterday that, i was forced to write what i actually feel. And no this doesn't mean that the post is going to be all emo and i would shed some tears over something :p it just means the post would have my feelings in it. Waisey if i see every post i wrote had my feelings in it. Wait a min then WOW 300 i feel alot hai naa :d naah just kidding yes maybe i am over emotional over sensitive i don't know its right or wrong but am this way. The day i started writing this blog can't remember the exact date at the moment but it was some date in october 2008 i was sad, i had lost someone whom i really loved, along with that i wasn't on speaking term with my best friend whom i have always consider like my brother. I was all alone and was killing my self in every way i could. Then a person well a friend a kid who is like sort of sister to me BUSH (5'10 Germ) i guess you all know her introduced me to this platform. And after that chal so chal tha. I started off with my all time favourite song or call it OUR song Everything by lifehouse i started with its lyrics then i wrote something then i finally found out that i actually could pen down my emotions and found a vent for my self A vent which couldn't save me from my problems but could give me a shoulder to cry upon. Yes i do cry sometimes mazak mat urana =$ Not anymore although i am wishing at the moment that i could cry anyways who want to continue reading i must tell you again this is going to be my longest post ever so you can stop reading i won't mind. :) anyways to save you from all my childing whining i'll skip through and come to the present. Well i must say lots of things have really changed for me. Back in october i was a weak guy who didn't knew what to do and was waiting for death, waiting for a moment when he could finish him self up, a guy who didn't knew what he wanted, what he desired for he just knew that he wanted his past back, he wanted HER back, he wanted all his friends back and he wanted his OWN true self to be back waisey i still do miss being ME. But anyways with the passage of time now i ain't that weak anymore yes i do feel things i do become sad but i don't allow my self to wish for death as i have lots of desires to fulfill not mine but of my mothers, I know what i want and what my desires are no this didn't make me stop loving the person i have always loved but it had made me accept that, the person whom i loved is gone from my life, and even me giving up my soul for that person wouldn't bring that person back to my life, her soul can't give me salvation anymore, it seriously can't no matter how much i wish to be a Phoenix who desire to be reborn from the ashes of our love i just can't, because yes i admit it today PHOENIX is just a myth and it'll always remain this way. Today I have my whole world with me, my family, me(the most important part) and some friends who are really close to me. Correction i am not sure i mean anything to my friends or not. Yeah well today am confused some how i feel all alone today yes nimzZz all alone i don't even consider fati along with me (i hope reading this makes you happy). I don't know why it happens per anyways yes am hurt but no i won't die i.e if you desire to see. I have finally understood the fact that i can survive alone. I really can. No one dies when we loose someone close to us yes hurts definitly but no one dies, people who say that without you i'll die and stuff thats all bull shit nothing happens this way, and nothing would happen the way we say it out, actions do speak louder then words. Anyways *calms down* hmmm Umair i know you don't read my blog but listen friendship doesn't require time and space. You asked me to stay away from you yesterday because these days you are going through alot and you need time from me and space too, well then what use am i to you if at the hour of need when you do need someone with you, i am not one of those who is being needed..... i do consider that friendship is the relation in which there is one who has a need and the other who fulfills that.... khair i promise , i make a promise to you and to myself i'll stay away, i am going away, away from you and that too forever, i ain't coming back this time..... Yes umair i am in senses and i am making this promise with complete knowledge of what i am doing. Yesterday was the last time i talked to you. I don't want anything from you nor you did anything wrong i just think am not the right person to be called a brother nor a friend anymore, am sorry for not being able to become a friend or a brother and am thankful you sticked with me this long. But now i have to say dasvidania to you as well. NimzZz what should i say to you except that sorry for changing and sorry for NOT being there while YOU were always there with me. I don't think you need me anymore you have your own life and i wish you all the best for it. I have changed yes i have but atleast i did expected you to understand me per no worries, i don't want you to feel sorry for your self or me, after all i have always been like everyother person, a random guy who you met on da and who was fun to talk, per i ain't that anymore and i don't want to hurt you like your friends do, so i just walk silently away from you without even saying a good bye to you, although you'll always remain in my prayers. And Now fati.... I don't know what to say to you because i don't even know that you consider me a friend or not. But anyways i'll always pray for you too may you have the best time of your life in england, and get a good result... seriously i don't think i deserve to talk to you. Khair ashoo... well we don't talk anymore toh it doesn't matter key i say anything to you or not... Well thats it... 4 best friends and well now am left with aaaaa hmmm zero :) ..... Khair ki farq painda hai... I know i would regret this per at the moment i have to do this. Waisey i think Faria is still there... (oye don't you all stare at me its not my fault that almost all of my best friends are girls :$)

Anyways, sorry for boring you people up with all the above things, i had a really fun time yesterday, i had gone out with my basically my mamoo (who is just 5 years elder then me), my brother, my neighbors and we had an awesome time. And the thing about it was i went through every single place last night which reminded me of her call it covincidence or maybe destiny. I do feel at times to run away from this city. Haven't talked to you for like a month and this time this is the firt time ever that has happened.

Buhahaha i just can't stop writing... anyways i'll survive i know i will. Because my little private mind, I'd always keep on to my own. From now on holding on to myself, Reaching not to anyone. Screams no more, Just sulk within the sullen face. The growing cold within, Surrounds the mind, changing every little thing. But today i have decided, decided things which should have been enforced ages ago. No more S.O.S, No more asking for help. Even if all of you're gone. Away from my disgusting self, There's always one thing I'd have on my own; Me, myself and I. All three of them are the only key to my secured mind. The only ones who can understand it.

Yeah, I still have me, myself and I.....

Oyeeee wasn't it suppose to be party sharty scene in this post ;) *Wears a funky cap, taps foot and starts singing* Let's start some Ronauk Shounak.... Let's have some party now.... Let's have some Raala Rappaa... Rang de chak a... lalalal... Let's have some dhol dhamaka *dhim chika dhim a chikaa* Let's call the dholi now *touuu tuuu touunnn tuuuuu*.. Rang de chak aaa... rang de chak... Let's have some matti tappa.... Chalo chalo ji lak lak gao lo, Chalo chalo ji Mauj bana lo... Chalo chalo ji Nach lo Gao lo... Pakad kisi ki Wrist... anyone wana dance with me ;) !!!!

*smacks head with the wall* ok i better stop dancing and singing now.... Ok so i asked my friends to give like their views about me and my blog and well requested to tell the truth per saray hi dramay hain *sigh* mufaaaat ki tareefain ki hain (although i love it and think its sweet) anyways read what they have to say... and well don't belive anything they are my friends is liye aisa keh rahain hain :)

Congrats!!! 300 posts, wow some1 had a lot of time on hand :P lol ubaid is an amazing writer and an even better friend. hez alwayz there when i need him the most and he never lets me down, EVER! hez one of my bestest friendz and im so thankful to Allah that hez a part of my life.. and i hope he'll alwayz stay a part of it, Inshallah :] recently, his blog posts have been emo and depressing.. they were very well written and they expressed his emotions really well .. but i do hope that in the near future and after that .. we get to see HAPPY posts by ubee :P hez an amazing person and he deserve all the happiness in the world .. hez my sweet motu :)

UB, i havent knowing him for a long time, but honeslty it seems forever.. i mean we havent met, but i can say for sure, that he's an extremely genuine person, he's an individual of his own, one of a kind.. he's been a great friend, been there for me to advice me( although most of his philosphical advices are crap, :P ,, but the gesture is appreciated :D)
his blog, is someplace i usually visit, when i need to find words, for my feelings and thoughts, this guy, knows how to pen his thoughts, which is a rare quality, above all, he goes out of his way to help others,, and this i can personally say, cus he has helped me with a lot of stuff, where he could easily have skived off..with him and me, humaray khayaalta kafi miltay jultye hien, might be a taurean thing, kiyun UB? ;)
kher, UB, thanks man, i owe u a lot, u are truly a genuine and amazing person, and im honoured to know u =) take care, and i hope and wish for the best for u..

Ubaid for me is bundle of energy, MashAllaah has a great sense of humour, makes all of us cry with his sentimental posts aur jab poocho to kehta hai , I'am absolutely fine...HIs thoughts are an open book doesnt pretend behind false emotions, what he is we all can relate to his tags n emotions..Aise hi raho Ubaid, don't change, be the same old sweet guy..dher saari dua.

Saanj - Saanams Mind
I recently got accquainted with Ubee when I stumbled on his blog. I found a truth in his writing that touched my heart and ever since have been hooked to his blog. From what I have seen I find a hugely talented person who knows that his talent can express his emotions and moods very accurately through his art.Be it poetry, articles or photography, etc.
Through his art he tells us if he is sad :P (which is most of the time)
happy( once in a blue moon) crazy ( which is a lott of times :D).Apart from that I see a keen brain that is always ticking with ideas :P

I wish you a great future Ubee and success in all that you choose to do. Congrats on your 300th post. Keep teaching us, entertaining us and making us touch our emotions through your talent :)

God keep you blessed :)

They say that the most important thing in life is love because no matter how much money you have,it is not the basis of happiness. I'm sure you'll be very happy, very successful and have the best of everything in life because you realise the value of love. Giving love selflessly and endlessly is an attribute not many have, don't ever let go of it. Because life always gives you back what you give it. All the best.

Altamash - My Two Cents
I started reading Ubaids blog a couple of months ago, and it was amazing, entertaining and enjoyable reading his posts. Even though most of them are a bit pessimistic and emotional, that dont matter, cause the posts are top quality. He sure is creative. Not to mention the poetry and photography etc.. And i wonder why such a talented and creative person is doin Acca..hmmm.. :P

Ubi-- someone very friendly, very sensitive, very emotional-- and the best part? He's not afraid to show it!
He's passionate about his work, his blogging and his writing, and his Urdu poetry specificly is very well-written.
He's an over-all fun loving guy who has yet to find the happiness he deserves in this world
G'luck Ubi-- hope you achieve all your dreams in thsi world as well as the Hereafter

About the blog..... i can say is...... it belongs to a really ala writer..... and about the author of this blog...... i don't understand him..... in many ways..... he isn't ..... he's a kid times......and at others.... is beyond my comprehension.... in addition to what i already said.... i'd like to add..... ubaid is a boy..... he has 23 teeth and 2 noses.....he has 4 eyes.... to forward and 2 afterward .....he has two right feet and no left feet.... so most of the time he's walking in circles ....

Americanising Desi - Life or Something Like It
His eyes are always on his target. He always his thinking about the object of his desire, how do i know? he throws the thought in the air of conversation very carelessly and randomly... and also he write about it in everything :)

By reading him I have concluded that he is a good-natured and practical person but does possessed of a pretty stubborn streak. Does somewhat appear shy and reserved, but has a quiet power and charisma that can speak volumes. Sure does not care what people think when he behaves weird. He could be wearing his shoes without socks and care the least for people who laugh.

I have loved reading him and I sure wish you all the best Ubee :)

Ubaid, hmmmm. From what I know, he is always there to help, has a very genuine attitude towards everything and is lovestuck like zillion other boys in the country :P What sets him apart from others is the potential and passion he possesses towards things of his choice...

Your blog is truly amazing. Your expression is always brilliant (:

God bless you.

Mehreen - Simple Me
Hello people!
For ubee's 300th post, he gave me the honor of writing a few words for him on his blog. I haven't known this banda for quite too long, but I commend his ability to pen down all his thoughts in a neat way. His blog is all about him, no fabrication. Though I am not around much (and then I tell him his posting frequency is too high for poor old me to catch up :P) but evey time that I do make a visit, I see a very honest guy. His photography is nice too :) Will you teach me how to do it buddy??

Other than that buddy, life goes on. Don't take things to heart. I know you're a caring guy, but sometimes you just have to forget. I knowwwww you'd feel like throwing something at me for saying this but yaaaar I wanna see all my frnz happy.

He's a happy go lucky banda. Yea and I don't like him when he doesn't respond on msn cz of being upset or something. Buddy, im here, vent it all out on me... it will make you feel better and make me feel important.

Wishing you all the BEST in your life. God bless you!!

Hmmmmm well i need to say some more things too :$ *Gets all serious and starts writing*

I'm hitting the walls,
Breaking the limit; the sky,
Crushing the fears,
With the overload in my heart.

This sweet feeling,
Shall conquer anything within me,
Will help me battle all these mocking words in front of me.

This mind of mine,
Finally came to sanity.
Answering my call,
I finally understand that my voice does reach thee.

I'm breaking my own limit,
Setting free all the restless guilts,
Letting all the worries and doubts fly like the birds in the sky,
I'm breaking my own negativity.

I hope it lasts forever,
Don't make more walls around me,
Please don't surround me.

'Cause when you surrounds me,
All I need to do is break it again.

Yes i am happy today, infact very happy :) ufff i do love my smile ;-) yeah you all know by know i am way too self obsessed per seriously i'll repeat it again i love my self i love my self i love my self! Wow i just saw this post is really very long.

Anyways thanks alot everyone for reading my blog all of you mean alot to me jokes apart you all seriously do... I don't know how many of you would still keep on reading my blog but i think its like a family or something that we all care for each other in the way we can. I wish all of you lots of happiness in your lives and pray for your success in every field of life! And oh oh for my friends who wrote such sweet words for me i love you all i seriously do :) those were really sweet although i think am not that nice and is mai thori buraiyan bhi kr laitay i wouldn't have minded ;-) if you all would be in lahore i would seriously treat you out :) and remaining people who are reading this pls do check out their blogs they all are awesome writers and trust me every single one of them is way better then i can ever be.

One more thing i want to request is pls pray for me my result is coming up on 10th and i am starting my new life, in which the only thing i have is my family, myself and all of you. Wish me luck yaro :)

Hmmm and At the end i would leave you all with my all time favourite song and the song with which this blog started. Everything by Lifehouse......

Everything – Lifehouse Music Code

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  1. so u finally managed?

    must be a great feeling :) and to see you happy i feel happy!
    see the connection within all of us in our little world.

    be blessed and always be awesome :D

  2. Hey buddy... congrats :)

    *dances with ubee* woohooo 300 posts!

    And I simply LOVE "everything" by lifehouse! great stuff!

  3. O_O 300 n so soon how do u do it??? I started way bef u n i guess have a long way to go :P

    Jokes apart... Congrats n keep sharing your thots . I really enjoy diggin into ur mind.


  4. Congrat on your 300th post.. and yh i did read whole of the post..i am addicted to reading :S- and what i wrote was the truth..*although takin pictures of food i dont like, torturing my taste buds :( *
    anyhow good luck with your'll do well inshallah !!
    Stay blessed bro, and keep similin :)

  5. hmmmm..... meray comments sab say achay and sachay thay gee:P..... huhuhuhahahahahaha.... *evil laugh*...... and..... for the first time in your life you're doing the right thing.... (i'm exaggerating....)..... but this is the right thing...... love yourself and be content and ofcourse, happy, too.....i looooovvve this post :)

  6. oyee..... people please say that karma's comments were the best.... ubaid will treat you if you do that:P:P

  7. congratz.. bro carry on the good work and be happy :)

  8. congrats...thats a long way you've come. I'd just wanna say....stay the way you are. Im sure you're loved by lots of people. =)

  9. Awww,
    Congrats ..

    Don't know what else to say :/

  10. @Brok3n:
    i am changing.... i am not the same ubaid i was.... but i can't help it...

    and being loved, eveyone is loved by someone.... atleast i think!! :)

  11. you black chicken with 4 teeth on the tongue..... jao me ni bolti :( ..... noone wats me here and noone likes me here.... i'll stop commenting on your blog....... :P.... jao apne comments he likho ub.............

  12. outcastrebelchicJuly 30, 2009 at 6:17 PM

    300 posts?
    Wow! So many words of wisdom, all those poems and awesome pictures.
    *attempts to do bhangra* [fails]

  13. @Outcast:
    *does the bhangra* wanna join ;)

    fankzz by the way :)


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