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So am out of words these days, so i was getting irritated and didn't knew what to upload... so i thought to do a little shameless self promotion of my other blog....

Anyways people check out BEYOND THE CANVAS and to know what i have over there, well below are some pictures which i recently uploaded....

I'll work, Yes i'll work even in this tender age when i deserve to be in a school studying, even when i deserve to be playing like other children of my age, I'll still work because i can't be like you, i can't be like our country, i can't be like any other people out there coz I HAVE TO SURVIVE ..... Yet i'll smile, because i am happy, because am not whining in the way you are, because am thankful to God.... And unlike you my smile isn't a facade, it ain't hiding any sorrow.... For me happiness is just the absence of sorrow... and yes this actually means that no matter what i am, I AM HAPPY....

Was going through liberty market yesterday, and it was a bit cloudy. When i came upon the HKB building there was a huge sign of 50% off let me correct UPTO 50% coz there is a big difference these days, anyways loved it so took a shot of it. These days as its summer every shop has put on different sales but to tell you the truth there isn't anything worth buying from the sale shops because they know people are just crazy for shopping they'll buy anything and everything they wish to sale, thats why all these discount offers and stuff.

by the way listen to this track Jay Sean feat lil wayne - Down I liked the beats and lyrics!!

Yet Another birthday card

Well playing a game of badminton is easy, yet hard... Just came back from a game and well am tired out coz the game took way much time then we expected, my brother won't just give up. Was getting bored so thought to take a picture of it, and well didn't had much concept to it. Per still felt like uploading the shot.
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Heal me from all this sorrow

There's no one around
as I stand here in the snow.
It's so quiet,
I hear every breath I take.
I look around
and my heart aches.
I want you here beside me...
My hands
are frozen numb,
I wish I could have it in yours,
we'd warm eachothers.
I can barely feel my lips,
but if you were here
to kiss them,
I'd regain some feeling.
I just want you
to hold me here,
until I can no longer
feel the cold

How hard will i have to throw you ?
How high will you fly?
To whom will you spread my message to?
I can only wonder
As I watch the wings of my paper plane
Board the golden horizon

Yesterday’s me was obstinate
a liar, selfish,
But I promise
As the new dawn arrives,
Yesterday’s me fades away

For a better tomorrow, I will journey
For my dreams, I will fly
For everyone to know, I shall tear a page,
Write my message on your wings
And I shall let you fly

I might not be there,
to see you land
to see someone else read you
For I will be leaving today
But wherever I may go,
However high I might fly,
My memories are engraved within you

So ride the wind!
Soar above this blessed land
that has been my home for so long
One day, I will be back
I will hear your stories
as you will hear mine

Go now,
and fly high
my airplane
spread my memories
engraved within your wings


All art work, photography and poetry above is © Ubaid Ullah Ahmed and this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License and use of it is prohibited without permission.

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