Breaking (5:53 am)

3:53:00 AM

I'm hitting the walls,
Breaking the limit; the sky,
Crushing the fears,
With the overload in my heart.

This sweet feeling,
Shall conquer anything within me,
Will help me battle all these mocking words in front of me.

This mind of mine,
Finally came to sanity.
Answering my call,
I finally understand that my voice does reach thee.

I'm breaking my own limit,
Setting free all the restless guilts,
Letting all the worries and doubts fly like the birds in the sky,
I'm breaking my own negativity.

I hope it lasts forever,
Don't make more walls around me,
Please don't surround me.

Cause when it surrounds me,
All I need to do is break it again.

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  1. WEll you wanna break Free ....thats wonderful, letting go is one way of dealing with it :)

  2. @Saanj:
    i have let go everything i could... now there isn't anything left to let go.. except my own life :)

  3. Hmmm no you could let go of pain :)

  4. Of course Ubee ...u let go of pain n then it becomes a dull you can live with.


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