Changi nae kitti

4:32:00 PM

Well am back, had my interview at lse.... And yes i got the admission and so did FATI so congrats girl... we both made it :p

Anyways... am so twireddd at the moment :(. Had my interview at 3 but the people over there told me to be there by 2.30 and oh did i mention that i didn't get the interview letter, but i called them up and they apologized and told me yes i scored good in the test but because of some error the latter didn't get delivered. So they told me to come. But the thing they forgot to tell me was WHERE THE HECK WOULD MY INTERVIEW WILL BE HELD!!!! So as usual, i got ready early (i prefer to be punctual) and left my place at 12.45 because i heard that LSE is 1 hour 45 mins drive from my place. I started off, and it was freaking hot on the way i had to run some errands i completed those and TICHH 2'o clock i was there. And i did my dance as i was shoo happy that i reached so early and it actually only took 45 mins from my place to that place (minusing the errand time). So when i went inside the guard asked me.
Guard: Beta kis sey milna hai?
Me: Uncle mayra interview hai under so mujhey janay dain (i have an habit of calling people uncle =) )
Guard: Kon sa interview?
Me: Admission key liye interview.
Guard: Woh toh sab khatam ho gayein hain. Aaaj aur koi interview nahi.
Me: Confirm hai *hawaiyan uri hui thein us waqt on my face*
Gurard: *in punjabi* Tay hor ki mai aithay sara din kholo key yeh hi tay vaikh da rahnda houn key aithay ki ho rava hai.
Me: *worried, thinking that i missed it* Chalain shukriya.
*turns back*

I go sit back in the car and am all ajeeb sa and tensed. But then suddenly a bulb *turrrunggg* lights up in my head and i start the car, wear the belt and quicly reverse the car and pushes the accelator as hard as i can and starts driving back. Put hands free in one ear and starts dialing fati up. *caliing and calling and calling* Per woh bhi mahaan hain gee she wasn't picking up the phone. Then am so irritated and stuff. Driving really fast as LSE barki campus is out of city, And 2 pm is already the peak hour. So i rush back and along with that i turn on my internet on my cellphone (thank God i have unlimited internet) and checks the LSE website and gets their phone number and call the lady up who advised me to go there. *Me full time pissed off* Anyways she tells me that she is sorry and my interview is in the city campus which is in LIBERTY right besides golden lotus. So i become all worried and tensed because she told me i have to get there in 30 mins or else i'll have to wait very long or come tommorow. So i drove like anything and to cut all the chase short to lse in 27 mins (rash driving, extreme heat, trance by armin van bueren then the song broken by seather helped me drive as fast as possible).

Anyways when i reached there and go into the office the guard doesn't let me in he says that there is no place and i don't have the letter. Anyways guard ko pataya when i went inside there were like more then 50 girls sitting inside and i was the only guy over there at that moment. And it felt so awkward i all messed up my hair all over me (disadvantages of long hair) couldn't even see properly because of heat outside and well where i sat girls all over... THAT WAS AWKWARD IT SERIOUSLY WAS!!! Then i got out and sat in the waiting room where thankfully other guys were sitting!! And mai houn hi itna acha it doesn't take me much time to do hello hi over there so i kept my self busy.

And madam gee, (she knows about whom i am talking about) mou chuk ker comes inside at 3.10 ..... per ufff *censored* mainey maar nahi khani :p

Anyways the interview went well and i got the admission :)

perrrrr i have to give some message to someone.... "TUSI CHANGI NAHI KEETI.... bohat burii ho aap" .... :(

anywaaaayssss now i desperately want a hug :( *sings broken by seether feat amy lea loudly*

"The worst is over now and we can breathe again
I wanna hold you high and steal away your pain
There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight
I wanna hold you high and steal away your pain
Cause i'm broken when i'm lonesome
And i don't feel right when you're gone away"

lalalalala mainey ice cream bhi khaniii hai :(

and oh people i am not able to view your blogs coz my internet is not working its all screwed up even posting this from my phone....

*goes back to singing*

Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar
Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar

Meri Subahon Ko Teri Shaamon Ka
Meri Shaamon Ko Tere Vaadon Ka
Meri Raaton Ko Tere Khaabon Ka
Meri Neendon Ko Teri Baahon Ka
Mere Jazbon Ko Teri Chaahon Ka
Bahaki-Bahaki Si Kuchh Khataaon Ka
Khoobasoorat Se Kuchh Gunaahon Ka
Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar Intazaar.....

lalalal intazaarrrrrrrrrr!!!!

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  1. didn't read the whole.... but congratulations....

  2. hehehehe that had me laughing. hey congrats on getting thru! :D

  3. Congrats again n lol hmmmmm i may have to agree wid siras a bt on this .

  4. @ali

    Lol it isn't that hard i love giving interview's . . . I don't usually get nervous per i hate this heat . . . .

  5. bohat batooni lagtay ho... but cute batooni... lol
    i was not in to read it but it kept me going...

    P.S. Congrats... :)

  6. i wana go to pakistannnnnnnnn:'( i really do:(:( i dont know what i miss! maybe its my cousins..or the chilling..the driving around aimlessly just the feeling of belonging!

  7. BTW congrats on the admission!=D

  8. oyeee..... main kiun doon gee..... ap do.... ama k hath ka cake..... chocolate wala..... :D


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