Do not assume

3:25:00 PM

Yes, I am a Guy Do not assume if I hold the door for you, that I am making a statement about your inabilities to open the door for yourself.If you hold it for me, I'll say 'thankyou'......... Do not assume if I pay for the meal, that I am underestimating your earning capacity as a woman. If you invite me out for a meal, you're paying........ Do not assume if I defend your rights, that I am belittling the attempts that you have made to defend your rights yourself. If you defend my rights, I'll consider you human..... Do not assume, We all aren't that bad....................

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  1. Hehe u mean chivalry exists :O???

  2. @Shafi:
    i don't know anything about pride, yes i am self obsessed but i hate to be proud... somehow i just don't like to be proud and show off and other stuff... but till some extent i do agree to you!!


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