Even though (4:49 am)

2:49:00 AM

Even if this whole world rejects me I know that I still won't be alone. Even if I accomplish nothing I know that I'll never die unknown... Even if I can't accept myself I know someone somewhere somehow can. Even if I am always clueless I know that HE at least has a plan... Even if I keep listing my flaws I know that something good will follow. Even if I feel empty at times I know somebody's love will fill the hollowness inside me. Even if I make constant mistakes I know somebody patiently stands by me. Even though i feel alone, wasted and deprived of love and care, i know soon it will be the other way around. Hmmm.... If not somebody i atleast know that my ALLAH is with me, and even my mother would be always there for me. Even if every person i know attempts to break me (they actually try) I know my heart will always survive, because my hope my faith and my existence, remains with me. Even though i know everyone would eventualy leave me, i still stand because atleast i have me, my self and I.....

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  1. Ubee you said it....He has a plan and when things dont go your way its because there is something better waiting for you.

    Keep faith n God bless!!!

  2. lol yups u know it all :P just keep reinforcing it u shud b fine :P

  3. Ubeee *roll eyes* yups u look gud :P splly after the reconstruction lolllll .Does that help any ????


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