I'll repeat that am fine (1:59 Am)

11:59:00 PM

Mayray bay perva hun avein na......
Thak gaye hai nigah taktay taktay.......

You don't need to come anymore for I am not bleeding.You don't need to feel sorry for I am not crying, atleast not anymore. It's true that I'm not smiling and its also true that am wishing for a solitude but atleast whatever am asking for is for my own self. Seriously I'm just sick of putting on the fake facade on my face. I'm fine, yes i'll keep on repeating this word. Because I know I will always be fine. Why am i acting like this, i know the answer, maybe i don't It's just that life sometimes bother you like a nagging mind which you won't be able to run away from. Am irritated, frustrated, agitated and pata nahi what more. And no love is not the only reason this time and no i ain't missing you this much at the moment but yes i am feeling desperate to know how you are, how did your result go, how's life treating you and to know why am I doing all this tonight? It is painful shattering my heart like breaking it by shooting it. I don't know why am i still standing? I also don't know what the hell is wrong with me, i just know that this night will end and all which would be left is my words, my undefined anguish and me ALONE.....

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  1. Well Siras said it...its a vicious cycle , the ups n downs ... u shud b ok when the moment goes by :)

  2. :P Stupid nahin emotional ho buss...

    n meine hot n sweet suna hei wat is hot n cool :P? fried ice cream?

  3. Oh haan, Hrihink Roshan wali movie se na, I can't remember the name


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