Kash hum

5:51:00 AM

Dil k udas shehar ki tanhaiyon me hun

Dekho teri ankhon ki gehrayon me hun

dhup ki kia majal k mujko jala sakay

Me to teri mohabbaton ki parchaiyon me hun.

It happens everytime, i just need a reason to talk about such things. Well i am not afraid to be emo nor i have any issues with it like most of the stupid people who think being emotional and to pen down your feelings is wrong and gay. I seriously don't care. Anyways the main reason for me to publish this post is a friend of mine wrote the words written below, she wanted it to be placed here and well i have always loved her expression so i thought i would upload this, do read it and give comments about it. So here it goes.....

Mera her lafz.... Meri her dharkan... Sirf tumharay liye hai... Agr zindagi sirf aik insan ko jan k guzari ja sakti tou wo tum hotay... In faslon se doori nahi ati... Tum jitna door hotay ho meray utnay he karib hotay ho.... Her guzrta hua lamha meray dil me tumhari her aik ahat ko aur gehra ker daita hai... Ye sach hai...k me sirf tum se mohabbat kerti hoo... Aur mera dil sirf tumharay lye dharakta hai.... Kash k tumhe............................. Aah... Kash ham sath chal saktay.........

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  1. Awwww that's sooo sweet. Firstly men expressing their feelings are priceless, I tell ya! So don't be afraid of doing so!

    And your friend wrote some real nice words! It put a diehard romantic like me in a state of grinnnwithlove ;)

  2. loved what your friend wrote.. and loved what you wrote as well. And writing about life helps a lot. And people usually don't express their feelings because they build walls around em due to their own reasons. I used to be one of em. Made the transition a while ago and I feel so much better since then...cheers :)

  3. people who think expressing is gay..... well..... seriously you don't want me to comment on it.....

  4. and about what your friend wrote...... that's heartfelt..... seriously......

  5. on the special request of ubaid..... i'll complete my comment..... people who think wxpressing is gay..... just don't have the brain to do it..... and they would seriously do anything to defy that ..... they are weak enough not to express.... hence the thinking.....and mostly its jealousy on their side.... so they make fun of the people who actually have the talent.......

  6. i loved the poem. and what she wrote is what felt. something from her heart

  7. Lovely ubee n so what if writin makes u happy n Gay :P to hell wid that kind of thinking :D

    As for ur frenz writing took me on a "mein aur meri tanhayee aksar ye baatein karte heinn " kind of a mood :D lol was lovely writing :)

  8. i hate "kash"

    the more i hate the more it haunts me ....

  9. I agree, not everyone has the power to open their hearts up!

    Stay the way you are, don't ever change just because someone says you should. :)


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