Loosing it

2:16:00 AM

It's 1 AM; and i think i'm losing my mind. I've caught myself with two puzzle pieces which i made by tearin up my writing book. The two puzzle pieces are unique; One that says "you"and one that says "me".

and no matter how hard i try to push them together, they just won't fit......

It's 2 AM; and i think i've got insane. I've caught myself listening to this song (everything by lifehouse). Over and over and over and over again. I singsingsing my heart out, until my voice fails me.

try as i may, i just can't make the words come true.

It's 3 AM;
and i think there's no hope left. I've caught myself thinking about you, and i just can't sleep. So i write so much that my fingers begin to bleed. No this time i ain't going to upload all the things which i am writing at the moment. I just write.....

i haven't yet figured out how to make everthing notaboutyou.

it's 4 AM;
and i think i've found myself. I've discovered that the "you" and the "me" do fit together, they only needed a little readjusting. In reality they don't but atleast if i close my eyes and imagine they do fit together and that too so perfectly that all they spread is love and happiness. And sometimes, when you put a song on repeat enough, it gets a new meaning. It's as if it were written just for us. I just need to understand the words in a different context. And maybe it's okay to think about something so much, when it makes you so happy; and makes you connect with someone so special to us.

Hey i dont want you to become just another cluster of words on my notebook paper.

so please, tell me, make me belive just talk to me once and make me understand that yes we can make this last, in this way for rest of our lives.

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  1. Ubee u need to sleep :P Go get treated for insomnia :P

  2. @cocoberry
    Peace is always these we just don't seek it at times

  3. one, you think too much!
    two, you never sleep!
    Three, go sleeep!!!!

  4. YOUR BLOG SUCKS..no im just kidding! wow that was awesome..you kinda took the words right outa my mouth:) good stuff!

  5. maybe the you and me aren't repelling.... maybe the space between them is already filled with another magnetic field... so strong that its impossible for them to break that.....

  6. how would i know.....?

  7. jee hume bohat ghum hain..kya bataain apko?:9


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