Love, Sex, Money and blood...

3:41:00 PM

Yeah well this picture does depict what am trying to say.... almost depicts and oh yeah her shoes relate to the money part i think :s .... And i know while reading the title fati you would say aa gaya apni aukaat mai :p... Per seriously all these things are related i was watching a really sick and pathetic movie infact ultimate pathetic movie FRIDAY THE 13th .... wtf na sir tha na mou... All it had were some sexy chicks which looked more like sluts and did all the sex and stuff and the others which were cute and didn't show most of the things were the heroine, everybody could guess who the heroines were just coz of this... And the movie started from the orignal story like where did JASON came from and stuff... And then the movie started with like two hot chicks their boy friends and a nerd looking for weed and then it continued with people showing their THINGS... COME ON can't you make a horror movie without showing everything in it ??? Anyways... it continued and stuff happened then more stuff happened when more people came then again stuff happened then jason was killing people up in ultimate gross way!! It was suppose to be scary but all it was pervertive and gore nothing else.... And well this time pehli baar the love was for a sister and not for a bandi :p and oh yeah there was a rich guy in it who was showing off his money... but he dies too... at the end hero doesn't die nor the heroine (the sister) ... and they kill jason per to show that a sequel can come they didn't actually kill jason...

So anyone who is interested in the movie, pls watch tom and jerry instead or better scooby doo coz this movie isn't worth it!!

Yeah i know its a stupid post with no sense but like who cares... and waisey money sab kuch hai naah ?? Money bring love in your life, it brings sex as well you can always pay a slut, and oh yeah money gets you killed as well :D

so kidhay kol inna paisa hai jinoun maran da shok hoye ?? Mainu apna pata das dayvay mai unhoun aapaay hi nibat laivaan gaa :d

well am high since last night i want to stop writing this post per i just can't... i was suppose to upload the picture of cookies which mom made, per i forgot the cam at home and am at my nano's place for the weekend...

uh uh uh!! I feel like eating pizza... with lots of olives mushrooms and cheese :D

and oh lost 14kgs ... going for more (pretend no one read this coz i know all the comments would come related to this :p)

anybody in the mood to see Obsessed ?? No ?? Too bad mai toh vaikhan jaa ravan houn!!

and oh yeah am getting spanish lessons as well Hola readers costa estos ?? tonta huh ?? :p

weren't we talking about how love and sex happens ?? No we weren't i better shut up!! Before people call me tharki :p

By the way listen to this: KAMINAY (its a really awesome song i dedicate to all the kameenays out there :p)

And karma just suggested me one song which i would like all of you to hear as well: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU
Intahai lovy dovy song hai aur cute bhi bilkul maylaay jaisa :p

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  1. yea sounds stupid - my cuz wanted to watch it I'll tell her how stupid it is
    it looked stupid enuff in the ad


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