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8:35:00 PM

I have sew my lips closed, i won't let the world know, the pain I am going and about to go through. Let me decay, Let my soul fade, Let me rip out my heart and feast upon its remains, My mind is insane, I can't remember any name which i could call out too, all the voices sound the same. I have ripped out the thoughts, and locked them all up, chained me down, and left myself in a padded cell. Smiles come a dime a dozen, happiness comes at a cost. We smile for the things we have, we mourn the things we've lost. Love is not always the pain, the world is too big and we are too small. At the moment I speak no more of those who insult me Or offer me painful flames, At the moment i just want to suffer in silence, whenever this world and this society plays its twisted games.....

Dreams repeat themselves intertwining with reality, leaving me with too much noise, too many thoughts.... distorting whats fake and what's real, but sometimes even in noise if you listen carefully there is silence... Happiness is usually temporary but can last forever if I keep fighting for it, especially if its not my happiness its the happiness of others, of my family of the people who i can say that are mine... I have to fight, but to fight with the things which i can't even see is like a never ending battle to keep the demons out, yet i can't kill them because they will keep coming, while I keep dancing on the edge pushing them down with silent songs and dreams of the future, our future, too much at stake and all that will remain is silence, honouring the struggle it took to get this far, to stay this way to never change for anyone but myself to only do what feels right and not even for my self for others. I will know that i am there when the voices stop and all i can hear is myself, the wind blowing through my hair singing a song of realisation and acceptance and happiness on the faces of those who really matter.......

I know nothing is understandable which i just wrote, its twisted, and i guess i prefer it this way.

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  1. I wish i could tell you to change the title of this post..ubee if you read tht last comment i wrote on would get what i mean..Ubaid, your inspiring

  2. hmmm u call it twisted but in a twisted way it made tonnes of sense to me :) its just.... typically you.... deep!

  3. If your heart is still beating. Life ain't over buddy :) so cheer up!

  4. Very deeeeeep!

    Speechless man! :/

  5. I didn't mean to sound like a harsh b***h. I am sorry if I did :).

    But whatever happens..happens for a reason. Its all a part of this process called "growing up". To me honestly I feel like we grow up till our hearts stop beating. Stuff happens so we can develop a thick skin and face the certainties of life! :)


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