Pata nahi

8:21:00 PM

Why do people always hate me?
No-one treats me right.
No-one cares. No-one does.
Never have I felt so alone.
As alone as I am today.

People think I'm here to be hated,
Just because I'm a misfit.
I'm different you see,
I can actually feel.
Unlike those bastards that make me feel so alone.

So why am I still Waiting?
For everyone to stop hating me?
No-one seems to realise
That I have feelings.
No-one notices me crying in the corner.

I just want to go.
Go and never return.
Just to make everyone's life beter.
So much better without me.
The world will be better without me.

Yet I still feel so alone.
No matter where I go I make enemies.
Just for being me.
So no matter where I go,
I will feel so alone.

Why can no-one see me?
For who I truly am?
I'm not some reject
As everyone seems to think.
I'm just so alone here.

I feel so alone just because I'm hated.
Hated for who I am.
Hated because I feel.
Hated because I hate.
I'm hated because I'm so alone.

No-one knows me properly.
No-one ever will.
Because I'm leaving now.
And not coming back because
I am so alone here.

The blade glistens as I hold it tight.
Waiting for the right time...
The pain is liquid fire.
Because I'm so alone.

As my life stains the carpet,
I finally feel wanted.
Wanted by the darkness.
The eternal darkness.
I'm no longer so alone.......

pata nahi...... just fucking leave me on my own.... am fine.... and this is something stupid.... i don't care what anyone say, it won't effect me... it seriously won't!!! Pata nahi....

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  1. infected by "pata nahi".... so you know why i use it so much.... and the state of my mind... when i use it....

  2. @Karma:
    i knew it all along... per i didn't knew that i would be in this state when every emotion, every thing which has a meaning would be so jungled up!!

  3. hmmmm...... may Allah clear things up the way yo want.... amin

  4. well, learn things as they pass, and am still thankful to God... i don't have any regrets nor anything to say to God... am just simply thankful to him... so lets not bring HIM in .... :)

  5. Hmmm nice n expressive but :( hmm like AD says happiness is not the destination but the journey n a state of mind :)

    hehe n look who is talkin na :P me been morbid oft late too

  6. Beautifully written :)

    Keep writing =)

  7. @saanj
    Lol yeah i was just going to say . . . Look whose talking :p

  8. Okay, I want to say that you're thinking way too much! You're hurting yourself with such thoughts, nobody hates you.

    And if there is someone who does there are a lot more people who don't, think of that.


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