She cares

11:51:00 PM

Take everything away
Won’t you ease my pain?
The light inside will start to fade
You and I will both forget
The things you said no longer runnin’ through my mind

As the rain pours down,
My tears fall
Our memories together, they’re all gone
The pain is at ease
But it’s not you who’s there
Unlike you, she cares

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  1. no words to say anything..just be happy.

  2. I wish she cared :(
    But she practically does'nt give a damn about me...kyn kaay i am not romantic apparently in her view..stupid reason na ?

  3. well written ..i wonder WHO the writer was referring to :P

    @ Ali ..plz don't take training frm him ..yeh tum ko bhi kharab ker day ga


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