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1:55:00 AM

Kis qadar ajheeran hai yeh silsila-e-ishq bhi faraz
Muhabbat to qaim rehti hai magar insaan toot jatay hain......

Doomed to a destiny of distrust forever lost in a sea of what once was another heart broken and it was nothing new. This time, words can mend no more, shallow comments, wordless tears, and my thoughts lead to a common fear. The truth this time cannot be denied, this pain is so overwhelming that i cannot hide. Forever has ended this sad day, but the memories of the past are here to stay. Yes never forgotten will be your love, like a treasured angel from above. Somehow i am feeling like I've taken a flying leap, this hurt, a wound, running true and deep and your absence growing day by day.... I don't know what to express i don't what to write, thoughts come and go. I am not sad all the time, nor am happy all the time yes i am content sometimes. I can honestly say, that you have been in my mind since i woke up today. All day long i was looking at your picture. I shouldn't have restored all my data back in my mobile, it wasn't meant to happen, but yes i was foolish. And i woke up today and played our song and even sang along, i kept gazing at your photograph even knowing that am just waisting my time, I felt like remembering everything but the one thing i wish i could forget, the memory i wanna forget is you saying me goodbye, the day when we departed.... Sometimes words don't express what actually i feel. Like the current moment i ain't regreting anything nor i am wishing you to come back, am just simply missing you, which is still not a crime. But the way things are going to give birth to a third child has a tax on it and on the fourth there is a penalty a day will come that even there would be a tax for me to remember you, or for others to remember about the person whom they truly loved. I WAS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU HAI NAA ?? Well who cares at the moment i ain't good enough for anyone i know :p

Waisey I've had enough with streaks of tears, they've left a river down my cheek.... And when I'm talking no one hears, don't listen to the words I speak. These days I do blend in with all my adaptions, No on can tell that I'm in pain. I drown in tears of agony even if i am a guy i don't have regrets in saying it. I do drown in tears of agony at every mention of your name. Your name still haunts my memories, in mind, my thoughts, in sleep, my dreams..... Look deep into my eyes, I'm not the guy you might have seen (well i know you can't see through me anymore). No stitches to sew up my wounds, my heart will never heal, or maybe it would infact yes it would heal but till some extent.... So see of me what you want to see, I know exactly how i feel, and i better not express..............

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  1. Like the current moment i ain't regreting anything nor i am wishing you to come back, am just simply missing you, which is still not a crime.

    hmmm i know what you mean there!! hope you feel better soon...btw...listening to the "our song"....bad idea!!!! trust me! :P:P:P

  2. Looking at her photograph all day, and listening to the "our song"-- foolish foolish thing to do, really!! :P

    But sometimes you just can't help yourself, can you?

  3. @Bitter truth:
    yeah you are right kid, i know that... but i am all her's who ever comes now (and the list is still present which are trying to get their hands on me) :p

    i wrote naah these are the things which happen when i miss her normally am fine :D

  4. @Dramaaaaa :p:
    am fine, night is over and am up and rocking and having full time fun ;)

    and OUR SONG, i sang that too today again :( .... yeah really really bad idea tell me about it =/

    khaiirrrrrr i just watched fast and furious 4 and loved it :D

  5. Stay away, stop thinking. Wounds heal with time only. :)

    [you may have already said this]
    *jumps up and down*
    Why this makes me happy i have not the slightest clue.
    Ummm, to get better me thinks you should try to take your mind of it and umm well try to move on...or is that out of the question for now?

  7. @Outcast:
    yeah i know what i have to do... and i wrote here... that i moved on... its just that sometimes its good to remember old things!!

    and yeah having the same title made me happy too :D

  8. hmmm :( hmmm n life goes on..........


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