Why do i bother ?

11:10:00 PM

Zindagi guzar jaeygi ahista ahista
Kabhi rulay gi kabhi hansay gi ahista ahista
Tum hamey yaad rekho gay kuch dair tak
Phir yeh yaad bhi mit jaye gi ahista ahista

I thought you cared about me, that you were my friend . . . . That i meant something to you . . . Per may be it was my delusion... or just something which i desired . . . You abandoned me when i needed you. . . left me at a turn when just your presence could illuminate my way . . . You said you were holding on to me but when you left my hand all i could see was an empty desert . . . I know, my fault . . . I gave you the power to break me, showed you my weakness.... all i did was trust you . . . I was not important to you.... that, i always knew, but i expected..... oh! now i know where i went wrong, i EXPECTED. . . I expected you to be there with me, expected you to be a friend, at the least. . . . But . . . . . . . .

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  1. Hmmm expectations reduce joy n hmmm its difficult but best wud b if they dont expect.

  2. Oye sudhar ja! :P

    Main bhi sudhar gaya hoon. Well, almost! ;)

  3. awww =(

    Agree with broken .. stop expecting from others and ur life will be a bliss :)


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