8:41:00 PM

Yes, am going to stop it now, no not the emo writing, or the posts with lots of indian songs in it, and depressing words which make me look stupid and weak, to stop that i don't know how to :s... But YES the thing which is going to change is that now i won't write the way i use to do.... Now my words would be just fiction... Nothing else... Would have no meaning to me... It won't have my heart and soul in it. It would be just words... simple words .... without any meaning to me. YES they would be phokay words.... per anyways.... Its final... And YES i was vanished for like 3 - 4 days now... pata nahi where, pata nahi why.... what i was doing woh bhi pata nahi... i just know that.... khair screw it... Mainey abhi bohat alaaaaa shwerma khaya from a new resturant... and oh that place has awesome food.... i have tried like everything on their menu. Well almost everything.... YES i love food.... and YES this post is stupid... per YES i have made my mind... i won't feel while i write... i'll just write crap.... whatever i THINK of, NOT feel of.... theek hai ??

YES, theek hai... (bohat ziyada yes nahi ho gaya kya ??)

and oh yeah planning to close this blog as well.... its just stupid.... simply stupid!!!

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  1. You're closing the blog? What? No! I like this blog! Write what you want, I don't care, but keep this blog! Please?

  2. :O ubee not done grrrrrrrrrrr dont do it!

  3. Who said I stopped reading this blog? Dude, just because I don't comment on every single post [I'm not a huge fan of commenting - I'd much rather just read] doesn'nt mean I stopped reading!

  4. what?!?!?!? close this blog? NO NO! don't close it ok?
    i don't think yur a useless freak
    and if you want to write emo posts fine write them I LIKE FOOD TOO!:-)
    SMILE - cheer up

  5. If you delete this blog, i shall forever hold a grudge against you and shall never forgive you for it.
    Therefore you cannot delete it bcoz you will never have my permission to do so *evil laugh*


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