**** You

10:54:00 PM

Note: swearing would completely be tried to be kept at a minimum......

first of all i would request you all to say deligently a wonderful line with me, with the honesty of your heart, with the depth of your emotions and with the sincerity of living in pakistan...

"WAPDA DI PEHN NU ________"

You all be wondering where i was, yeah i know none of you would be missing my presence :p, per kehn vich ki janda hai yaaro.... I was like being irritated, agitated, torn, twisted and petrified along with dying in heat and suffering of not coming online at my place.... Yesterday the electricity of my place went at like 4 am in the morning and came back at 8pm next day, and oh let me remind you my water comes from the land through a motor without electricity no water.... Then today it went at like 8.30 am then came back at 2.30pm then went away at 3pm again and came back at 6 (love you naah)... After that when electricity came my fucking internet wasn't working.... and i was fucking getting bored and irritated. FInally that worked like an hour ago.... And well am here... so sorry for not visiting your blog and not replying to your mail will do that soon :)

And oh yeah i got a belated birthday gift from an old friend in england she sent me this:

Yeah well its an expensive gift but people who are far away still do love me :p .... This mobile phone name is Nokia N95.... Well am loving it :) ..... Especially its 5mp camera :-D ....

And people who have their requests awaiting pls do wait more, i'll get back to you soon :)

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  1. i am an example of that last part :-P
    nice gift
    I HATE WAPDA!!!:-)

  2. Every single one of us is going throught that electricity part! :(

    Like the gift :)

  3. "wapda di pehn nu....." i said that with my right hand on my heart and eyes closed :P

  4. @Nadia:
    lol, yeah i know people in abroad yeah right ;) i trust you on this :D

    lol, do you even know what wapda is :p

    yeah i know, and its being hard for you to adjust naah :( ??

    yeah me like it too :D

    fankzz buddy :D

  5. lol cud i replace it wid the local Electric board :P We have the same issues with rains failing bad this year but maybe not as bad as your place ....we have sceduled 4 hr cuts :)

    well u were missed tho :P

  6. yea u told me it's yur electical company - kinda of like our FPL
    yea well you better trust me cuz i wouldn't lie! :-P

  7. @guriya
    Well i would love to change it but somehow it doesn't comes in a flow and second i would sound gay if i said that :p :d


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