Your happiness does mean alot

9:48:00 PM

Is muqadar ki jang main tujhy panay ki justuju main har nafss per kabo krtay hain hum. Per kya krain kabhi kabhar tujhay yad krtay hain hum. Na mumkin ho agar apnay ap ko kabo kr na toh tayri ik tasweer lay kr tujhy taktay tujh sey batein krtay hain hum. Chahtein toh hain kay tujh ko apna bana lain kisi tarah tujh ko hasil kr lain hum, per bad naseeb hain, tayri khushiyoun ki fiqar krtay hain hum....
To see you happy although it doesn't satisfy me, it just hurts me more to see that you are happy without me but i still prefer to handle that pain just to see you happy.....

Posted from my mobile phone, and people do read my previous post this one is just random 2 mins post and well its just a random one, and not even a good one.

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  1. hayeee i know am just tooo damn sweet, cute, innocent and loveable... love me pleajjj :p

  2. Lovely post :)

    n on ur comment *picks trumpet* paparapaaaaa paparapaaaaa :=))

  3. Word of advice: Dont ever, ever be apologetic of your writings. So what if its random, incomprehensible perhaps? Your words are an extension of yourself. Love them always. ^_^


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