50 First Thoughts - Tagged by Jal pari

8:35:00 AM

Well here my 50 first thoughts, and yes these are the actual ones which i was thinking didn't even bother to sensor or edit them :-$

1) I got the chance to watch love aj kal again and i still loved it.
2)The reason by hoobstank is just too good i love that song along, it says something which i feel like, but i still can't consider that who is YOU in that song....
3) I guess i'll post the lyrics of that song, after in a while...
4) The best way to do this tag is just keep on writing whatever you want :p and just write whatever is coming in your mind.
5) oh i saw that stupid rakhi sawant show, wtf she is getting married on air and that show is just so cheap and she always looks like a slut
but she is still famous...
6) Am being so lazy that instead of turning on my pc i am on my bed doing this weird but have to do kinda tag...
7) My english has started to suck.
8) kasana thinks my english is like sirilankans...
9) now who the hell is going to explain me that what does that mean?
10) Jouuuuun dusshh yeah i just got a message and my ringtone is something like this.
11) who sent me a message hmmm let me check
12) oh its hajra
13) what the hell its 10am in the morning why the hell would anyone wish me morning at this time?
14) anyways still sweet of her for wishing me daily
15) see fati some people still do love me :p
16) waisey i know lots of jahil aurat's these days, yes yes read this you jahil aurat :d
17) whats up with this always saying Ahan?
18) oh i love my unlimited internet on my mobile its just too awesome.
19) infact am awesome
20) yes ugly more awesome then you :p
21) oh komal made a new blog, and i forgot to say this to her, per i hate her template.
22) yes kiddo i'll make you a new one...
23) so anyone reading this?
24) you must be thinking i have lost it hai na?
25) why are most of my readers girls?
26) am i too hot thats why ;-)
27) guys stop jealous, because everyone loves me ;-)
28) you people love me naah :-D
29) have anyone of you heard wasta yeh pyar da by atif?
30) i like that song, although billy jeans my michael is way too good
31) my result is on monday :(
32) people check out beyond the canvas, i have uploade a new post called broken, which am so in love with
33) i wanna hug you :-$
34) yes you :-$
35) not her, you :-$
36) haan naah a nice warm hug...
37) of course am a good hugger, pehlay istimal kray phir vishwas kraein :p
38) am a pervert, you don't wanna know what i just thought of using at the moment and no it wasn't condoms
39) lets censor the previous thought
40) well sex isn't that bad :p
41) beep beep :p yeah i was thinking which beep beep is my blog one?
42) oh i met that sexy jazz model few days back, and yes she was hot, but i don't know the way she talked was just too cheesy
43) i wanna host my own show :-/
44) i wanna write a book
45) i wanna learn how to play a violin
46) oh my God i wanna know that i am going to pass on monday
47) why don't you love me? Am i that bad?
48) seriously am better then him, atleast i'll love you more then he ever could...
49) why can't i have 20 more thoughts?
50) this is so addictive i can still go on till 100 and no i ain't tagging anyone, but if anyone wants to do it they can, and anyways its the last thought so i thought i should use it properly... Anyone interested in falling in love with me or marrying me? I can love you back as well! So anybody interested :-D

Haww khatam ho gaye :( :(

anyways i know this was a lame post, but i loved doing it :p thanks jal pari :)

Ps i have lots of new followers and readers so i wanna thank koma (yet again), xnb, Xeb(for following my blog so late ;p), pandora, rane, bree ahmed, andgie, chimpz world, shafi, Ms Z and others sorry if i forgot more names :p :p ....


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  1. @Angie:
    hahaha, well thats not necessary... i didn't say that i want to have sex with anyone :p i just thought about it ;)

    and well i did post my picture, many times :p you have to see my old posts to find that, look for the underconsrtuction one :p

    hahaha yesh it is addictive, and i'll write 50 more some other day may be :d

  2. LOL! That was hilarious!

    The reason by hoobastank is AWESOME!

  3. @siras
    Yeah am truly madly deeply in love with that song ;-)


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