Ahmmm Ahemmm

7:24:00 PM

You don't know how I feel
And I'm giving you only the hidden hints
But it's fine 'cause I'll keep it real
And I won't break this time
Coz I fell deep but your smile made it worth falling for you.

I'll keep it my pace
'Cause I don't want to lose my face
But even though I say so
You know my dignity fade to black when I see you.

I won't find out what type of guy you'd like to be with
Coz I'd like to make you fall for me
And out of your boundaries
It's everything about you, you're a huge magnet.

I won't fake my words
Nor will i lie to you
Though I'll hide my anger
Which i usually do whenever you ignore me
The thoughts differ but it doesn't matter
Coz in the end it's love;
So nothing makes sense....

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