12:51:00 PM

I'm sitting by my bedroom window,
Wishing someone were there.
I softly sing broken by lifehouse,
Wishing someone would hear.

But wishing is for fairy tales,
Let's check back into life.
When others waste time wishing
Is when I pick up my knife.

I slash and cut and tear and rip
Until I finally bleed.
Then cover it up secretly,
With my jacket sleeve.

Secretly, I emphasize
Because no one knows about me.
They all see me as the happy friend
Without a problem standing.

I smile for them, so they don't frown.
Happiness is "contagious".
But if that was true, then why is it
That I'm not advantageous?

But I do have just one wish,
Just some wild dream...
That someone will come and realize
I'm not as happy as I seem.

That person never comes, of course,
As I have forever known.
So I sit back, silently screaming,
Waiting for my scars to show...

Orignally posted on BEYOND THE CANVAS

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