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Was bored and had nothing to do... so was looking at siras's blog she had done this... so i thought why not try it :p and as xnb calls me a copy dawg *sigh* i named it that :D

You Are "How Are You?"

When you ask someone what's going on in her life, you truly want to know. You are very genuine.
You are a compassionate and empathetic person. You want the best for everyone.

Your life is an open book, and you appreciate it when other people are open with you.
Once someone is your friend, she'll be a friend for life. You value friendship that much.

Oye i didn't knew this thing could really be fun :p and true...

What Greeting Are You?

You Are a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

One of a kind and forward looking, you're the first to introduce a wacky new trend to your friends. And even if your ideas seem weird, they get adopted pretty quickly.

Ahan ahan :D

What Flavor Frappuccino Are You?

Your Love is Green

When you love someone, it's a very rational process. You love with your head first.
Love is all about fitting a person into your life. You can't love unless the situation is just right.

You are an ideal partner in romantic relationships. You try to be as caring, loyal, and forgiving as possible.
You take love seriously, and you don't give up on a commitment. You don't need a ring to stay with someone through thick and thin.

SO bachiyoun(specially using the word) main sey jis ney mujh sey pyar kerna hai ker lay am too good for all of you ;)

What color is your love?

Your Love Sign is Cancer

You are a sensitive, romantic soul. You are classically romantic.
When you fall in love, you take it very seriously. You want to be bonded to your soulmate.

You tend to hold on to relationships way past their expiration date. It's hard for you to let go.
You are the most loving of all types. You will go to great lengths to make your partner feel adored.

Damn!! me and siras have the same love sign.... oyeeee i just realised it makes her perfect for me :p

What is your love sign?

You Are Sensible

Your positive traits:

You tend to stick with relationships - through the good and the bad.
You are a great listener and tend to give valuable advice.
Cautious and careful, you never jump in recklessly... saving yourself from heartbreak.

Your negative traits:

Money is very important to you, so much so that it's a cause of arguments in relationships.
If your lover isn't loyal or attentive enough to you, your eyes start to wander...
You tend to keep things inside - so your partner may not know when or why you're upset.

Your ideal partner:

Is stable, serious, and ready to be committed to you.
Is successful and able to provide you with the lifestyle you crave.
A true romantic, who is willing to express their desire for your heart.

Your dating style:

Comfortable and traditional. You'd love to have a nice meal at a cozy restaurant.

Your seduction style:

Love comes first for you before you'd even think of intimacy.
Traditional: you're not a cold fish - but you're not into kink either.
Pleasing... you always make sure that your partner is having a good time.

Tips for the future:

Be willing to change your mind. Who you think is the love of your life may be very wrong for you.
Try listening to your mate. While your stubborn streak is hard to break, sometimes your partner knows best.
Lighten up! The first months of a relationship should be about fun, not intentions.

Best color to attract mate: Pale blue

Best day for a date: Friday

ME AND SENSIBLE BIGH LAUGH!!! and i don't like this one =/ jhoottaaa hai yeh.... sirf kuch kuch such hai is main =/

What's Your Love Profile?

If anyone bored and in the mood try doing it, would love to read your results as well :D

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