Dumb Lion

5:28:00 PM

So, The lion fell in love with the sheep !!!

It was meant to happen i guess.... or maybe the lion is just faking it..... no matter what it is, let the time decide it, The lion is incredibly dumb because he is in love. At the moment he has the the simplest feeling, but the hardest to describe to be incomplete and empty with nothing real inside. The lion is so dumb that his thoughts don’t come quickly, it’s like he's a strangers to many and now just belongs to the sheep, his moods mean something to him but to the sheep it indicates some form of danger. Soft buzzing of vacant thoughts, flit around his weary mind, he blinks, with his newborn light brown eyes falling further and further behind. Talking and moving too slow, on a twelve second delay the wind fails to thrill him and he can’t see clouds of grey. He can't see the people who just pass him by, he'd follow them to nowhere but it's too hard to try. I told you he is just is a dumb lion falling for a sheep... But well, the sheep is the only one who stops him, with concern in her eyes. Actually there’s nothing really wrong in crying but the sheep just can't let him cry. She cares, for the dumb lion, in a way others don't. Life has made the lion so dumb that he doesn't even know what’s happening to him? Why does nothing affect him, Why the only thing he could see at the moment is the love of the sheep? Yesterday night he collapsed but he’s not tired, he has just had enough... He touched the sheep, she could feel his palm reach across her, but the touch of his palms, was so rough for her. I told you, he is a dumb lion to love a sheep, who can never understand what it is supposed to be easily understood by her.

And now lies a question, who am I? I guess am the soul which won't let the dumb lion die! His savior, his own existence lies in me, and the only thing which would stop him from hurting the sheep.................

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