Good morning friends :)

3:18:00 AM

Open eyes attempting to gaze beyond, figurative words and worlds at the stroke of midnight.... glass slippers are mere symbols of things and stories I once knew. As it slipped out of my mind now, once I get of this bed many fear, University, home tasks, work, dreams to be turned into reality, hardship and the real world..... Tight-knit hours, and an abundance of demands, Consuming each slot of each day, each moment, and thought, all passing by everyday.... As I type these words out, I know that these won't stay, not now or today. Cause as the day pass, My mind becomes more doormat, to this and what I need to say..... I wished I could have, "Hours to just be my self", "A dozen minutes to chat with people i care", " Millions of seconds to say what i want"... But, well I don't and always have to bade such desires goodbye, As I frantically run to my next task (me using big words demagh kharab ho gaya hai mayra). Per anyways to be honest It's not the lifestyle I desire, not the friend I want to be known. Someone too busy for them, To even drop a casual note or visit or just send a message to say hello, even if that is untrue. Cause once the day ends, I am the only soul amongst others, typing his life away from this world. As they awaken to a new day.......... Good morning friends, i hope you have another nice day :)

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