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Gee, Yeh humara Pakistan hai! Well it's 14th Of August today, yet again we are going to celebrate the freedom of our country, somehow i laugh that every year we celebrate the thing which we don't actually have. Yes i am a negative person, so expect all the negativity in this post, actually the thing is eveybody's going to do a post about 14th august and stuff i wanted to do it as well, but i was cluless what to write, so i thought lets forget it, i'll just make something nice and upload it on my blog, but then i was out shopping yesterday and saw lots of things which gave me an idea. So before i start i would love to wish all Paki people ohh am sorry, paki is a slang these days i guess, anyways Pakistani Bloggers, Happy independence day....

The thing is everything is messed up over here, no proper political system, democracy is like crap over here, everyone is just a bloody business man, they don't care about anyone just know how to fill their own pockets. Yes you all would be thinking ubaid is up again and ranting and this time its against our country. But seriously you all know what the truth is.

I was amazed last night, in a country which is having electricity issues, was all lightened up last night. For God sake, i understand its 14th of August, our independence day, but what difference would it make by lighting up buildings and stuff? Well this is a picture of siddque trade center in lahore, which is all lightened up.

Well if you love your country so much and feel like celebrating, then why not act reasonable and instead of wasting our own resources use it for some good. Yes lahore looked an awesome place last night, per still?

Another thing, what is with Paki people and 14th August night? I came home at like 2.30 or something
... And just because humaray pakistani honihaar larkay sarkoun kr per lafantar bazi kr rahay thay... Lots of guys on bikes, others on car, having our flags tied around them doing cheap things, well nice way of celebrating our freedom... And you know what, the worst part is that while doing such things they forget about their own lives. They don't care that their mothers would be waiting at home, they drive their bikes and cars in such a rash way, that i fear for something bad to happen, seriously shokhay huey hotay hain... I just can pray for them....

Waisey where did those days go, when 14th august meant decorating houses with buntings, putting up a flag as high as possible, all family getting together and watching the parade, listening to the presidents speech, listening to milli naghme, watching heart felt shows, watching moin akhtar and anwar maqsood hosting an awesome show, where did those days go when 14 august was filled with so much love, patriotism and purity.... No i don't doubt that our people aren't patriotic but well 14 days of patriotism is not what we desire, don't you think that those days have gone? Now a days, 14 august is all about its night, to celebrate then sleep the day, its now about the holiday, a long weekend, about having parties to show off... Yes this is my Pakistan, this is our pakistan where all this happens...

I don't hate Pakistan, i love it very much, and am really proud of my country, yes there are lots of downfalls in it, per every country has it, thats nothing new. Per at the moment the war which is going on, i call it the cold war, other countries trying to break down us, and even the people of our own country are the one's which are killing our own people. I hate that, i really do.... I fail to understand the reasons behind war. Destruction of human lives, breaking down the poor. We want and want and want at whatever cost, The death toll rises and we kill some more. Seriously I fail to understand the reasons behind war, what is it that makes killing just as easy as breathing. We push and push and push until there is no more, as if all the killers are playing a cruel game. I fail to understand the reasons behind war, we kill and kill and kill just to even up the score.... Why can't we live in harmony, why can't we live in peace? We aren't a bad country nor we are bad people, all of us are Muslims, and muslims have always preached love instead of hatred, peace instead of war, then how come Pakistan the country, belonging to muslims are the one who are known as terrorists, why is that in abroad whenever they take a name of a Pakistani, it is linked as a terrorist? Why so much disgrace? I fail to understand it. At the moment i wish to be a soldier because if I were a soldier, I would be unselfish, because soldiers constantly risk their lives, unselfishly giving their life for this country, for the pride of our country... If I were a soldier, I would pray, I would pray to God for forgiveness and safety, I would ask him to forgive me for killing so many people, And every day I would ask him to give me another to live and fight, because i would love to kill for my country, and i would always pray to give my life for the sake of it, No not for the sake of being martyred and acheive Jannat, but for the sake that my life did or could save atleast 10 others....

I wanna pray one thing for my self and for my country.... That let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain but for the heart to conquer it. Let me not look for allies in life's battlefield but to my own strength. Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved but hope for the patience to win my freedom. Grant me that I may not be a coward, feeling your mercy in my success alone; but let me find the grasp of your hand in my failure. Ay Allah, give my country, me and our youth, the knowledge, the skills, the purity of heart, honesty and devotion to lead our country to a point, about which our ancestors thought of, Give us the strength to fulfill the dreams of Allama iqbal, and to do what Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted us to do, make us better muslims, better people, and do some magic or something just bring peace to out country, i have seen enough people die in my country, i have seen alot of people sacrificing, their lives, their families.... just stop the war, stop the insanity, stop the people from being dishonest, liars, cheaters and crooks... Englighten a light in every persons heart, and i don't know how but just make us follow the foot steps of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).... i don't ask much, but bring peace to my counrty, and to our lives. Ameen!!

I know am stretching the post now, but at the end i would just love to say that a land where sand, sea, plains, mountains and trees unite. A land where seasons merge, a land where sands spill gold, a land where brains are born, a land where lions lead, a land where traditions are valued, a land whose people are full of life, a land whose thoughts brings tears to eyes, a land which no one wants to leave... This is my land, this is my PAKISTAN.... and i love it alot, and i pray that we set standards of being a nation for others and to succeed, we do have everything, all we need is just a push..... Happy independence day :)

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