I wanna drive my self to austrailia :$

6:45:00 AM

Have you ever wanted to drive, to get behind the wheel and press the pedal to the floor? Damning the fortitude held by the metal accelerator's strength against your unrelenting foot? Rolling down the windows, your stereo as loud as audibly possible; anything to suffocate that fucking voice in your head. Pinch a cigarette tightly between hard-pressed lips, covering clenched jaws, the flick of the lighter and the glow of the tobacco catching fire somehow soothing. Have you ever taken a drag, the smoke suffocating the ball in your throat, making it fall back inside of you? The cool evening air whipping past with increasing velocity as you hurtle forward, attempting to strip the evening's oppressive breath from your neck.... I know most of you know how it feels... so let me drive... drive as far as i could go, coz it does give you releif...

And oh yeah i posted this song link before as well but well while driving just listen to this track Hide and seek (Tiesto in search of sunrise)

Yes its a repost, it was originally posted on Beyond The Canvas per well i was up early in the morning and was bored... kuch samajh nahi ayingzz key kya keringz... so i just sat in the car and just drove on motorway (galiyan jo pari woh alaida hain :$ censored hai woh) anyways.... uffff i took some shots as well and it definitly was an awesome morning today, and finalllyyy my fever down... and ohhh my dad is coming tommorow back from Dubai after 2 months have mixed feelings at the moment =/ should i be happy :s or should i be sad :s ..... I guess one week of happiness and 1 week of saddness :s pata nahi pata nahi pata nahi .... maylii full time azadi khatam honay wali hai :/ rozoun main waisey hi shaitan band ker diye jatain hain ab mayllaaa kya hoo gaa :$ *Starts singing* lalala hide and seek.... You don't care a bit.... You don't care a bi... Oily marks appear on walls... Where pleasure moments hung before.... The takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this still life.... Rozo mai ganay sun sakta houn naah :$ Khairr.... Uth bhi jaoo logoun subah ho gayee hai :$

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