Lets just be "friends"

5:20:00 PM

Being in love with your best friend isn't a bad thing, but it's not good either. It's the love you become most familar with, it's also the love that hurts the most. Gay, bi, straight, it all doesn't matter, but there should be a fourth sexuality.... cuz your best friend is a different gender entirely. Seriously you have to trust me on this because i know so. We gotta be with them all the time. Gotta hang out with them day and night. Even if we aren't with them physically we still have to talk to them all day on phone. You look at them with love in your eyes, and you get a friend in return. You go out of your way to impress them, and you get a friend in return which says "Oh you didn't had to do this". This may all sound like an ordinary crush, but it's not. It's your best friend, so keep this in mind while asking them out to keep a teddy bear in handy when you get your "Lets just keep bein' friends"....

Inspired by Osheen and well just got the same thing from someone

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  1. i so agree
    No doubts many a best friendship turns sour just because the so called 'Love interest'......have been an expert in losing best friends and now i know y....because the 4th sexuality doesn't exist!

  2. Wow .... wonderfully said n completely agree shud have had a 4th sexuality :)

  3. i really liked it.....nyc way of putting things up in own way!

  4. it happened with me =/ we had a funny relationship..he loved someone else i loved him he broke my heart then i moved on then he liked me i kinda did too..then i moved on he got hurt and we were never the same..we aren't anymore i miss him but its life it goes on..

  5. @Pandora:
    awww, but why didn't you go back to him when he came for you???


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