Lost my self

11:00:00 AM

I've stopped trying to kill my brain
I can still feel traces of u scratching me.
Im pouring from each angle,
Laying and just waiting to die.
My breath ceasless, feel me die.
Anger breeds deep within me,
Don't tell me you can't sense it.
I'm too lost to be saved,
But you're lost too..
I just need salvation
A tight tight tourniquet,
To create the bleeding instead of prevent it.
Do you know what I did for you?
I am just once again the lost voice in the closet
I am just locked away and hidden in the depths.
It's okay, just disown me!
It's okay, just break me!
Feel me bleed, hear me scream again.
I'll giv up everything just to find it..
Just to find the place which once was mine......


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