Love aaj kal

5:45:00 PM

Oh i did forgot to mention that i watched this movie infact watched it twice till now in the cinema first on its premiere as i was invited to it by an event managing company and second with mom, bro, mamoo and two cousins (the only two whom we are close too :p), and first and foremost i have to say SUPERB, infact BRILLIANT movie.... loved it, so i won't spoil it for all of you, so i would just say that you must go and watch it!!! And oh by the way i must talk about one girl in it, whom i am suddenly in love with GISELLE MONTEIRO... yeah well her name is strange per... khair she is pwettyy, she didn't had any high figh make up on, nor anything special in it, nor she is famous, per her eyes uff bohat bolti hain, and she just looked awesomely cute!! oh oh i'll show her pic check below...

Yeah the oridnary looks of her were superb.... and there is a punjabi wedding song in it, in which she danced darn it can't find it on youtube but when you watch the movie you'll also love her....

Imtiaz ali taj is a genius, and DEPIKA and SAIF acted so well, the movie didn't let me get bored even for a second, and the sardar saif (rishi kapoor's story) was awesome as well, the merging in of 2 stories is just perfect haven't seen anything better... anyways you people should judge it, although the concept is a little unethical, but who are we kidding, such things happen all around us, and even we did many such blunders... Obviously not me, am the senti emo type of a banda :p

Khair i'll leave you with a song, which is one of my favourites from the film its called YEH DOORIYAN

Kyun koi paas hai
door hai Kyun koi
jaane Na koi yahan pe
aa Raha paas ya door mein ja raha
janu na mein hoon kahan pe

I can so relate to these lines... and well i guess am back with blogging... i blogged :p ... pata nahi didn't feel like it, per i had to!! just so ... kuch nahi !! JUST GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE!!!

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  1. @ Siras I suppose that sikh wala saif is basically Rishi Kapoor narrating his Jawani ke story to his son which is the new saif opp Deepika and this is the story of Love than and Love Aaj Kal!

  2. @Jal pari:
    definitly not in the right mental state :p well i did see it in the cinema... but i had good seats ;) ... and in that song the best part was it naah, key she was expressionless because she was dancing just for fun but when the hero came, her eyes started to move, and her steps did the talking!! well somehow i love the script, the expressions of everyone!!

  3. Ubaid ok so tell you I didn't watch the movie at all. I heard the review on an fm channel and through that and by watching the trailer I got to know about the rest of the movie, and for these things happening around I too say that they do happen but better keep them away from urself and the one's younger than u so that they dont get on the wrong track thinking that so what if its wrong it's Love!
    Coz Love only doesnt take u any where, you may never know what ull end up with!

  4. @Nikki:
    YOU ARE TELLING ME THIS 0_0 ... i know yaar, i seriously know... it ruins alot of things even you akhrat... love isn't bad, but somehow it should be the one did after marriage... you know what every one knows this fact but still no one follows it!!


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