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Mai shair toh nahi magar ay haseen jab sey dekha, mainey tujhko, mujhko shairi aa gaye....
Mai dulha toh nahi magar ay haseen jab sey umr, hui mayri, mujhko ghori charan da shok aa gayaaaaa.....

Yeah, no need to tell me it was lame maha lame infact, anyways lol, no this time it isn't about me nor about my marriage but anyone still interested in me you do know where to find me ;-)

Anyways back to the topic, for like the last 2 to 3 months i have been busy, busy not with my own social life, but in looking a girl for my mammo, well i am not the only one doing it, my mum is going along with me. I have been given the duty to find a girl who looks nice, talks nice, and well her personality is such which would coupe with us, i ended up getting the look thingy coz my mammo came to a party of mine and saw my friends which i must say are cute :p no he isn't a tharki like me but well he is just 5 years older then me so he sure is a good friend, so anyways i was saying mayray nazuk sey kandhoun per mayray mamay di jawani tay burhapay da bojh lad dita hai mayray puray nankay nay :(
I wanted to blog about this earlier but just didn't get time :p anyways now expect lots of updates on this thingy ;-) ok so like xeb said to make a marriage profile i'll make one just right now, and oh i'll add all the questions which were asked by us about him, well try to add most coz if i added all it would be like more then a thousand questions :p NO I AIN'T JOKING this is a truth....

Basic questions:

Name: Omer Munawar

Age: 26

D.O.b: 21st august

Studying: Mba - last semester

Working: In UBL bank - credit control department as team leader.

Work experience: 2 years

Salary: 17k (and increasing)

Height: 5.6' - 7'

Questions asked by various people whenever my mom called or when people came to our house - mostly in urdu so bear this:

*in mom's language*

-Kitnay behn bhai hain?
Hum 5 behn bhai hain, mai sab sey bhari houn aur yahan hoti houn us ky baad ek behn austrailia mai hai with her family, us ky baad bhai hai he is married and lives in dubai with his family he is the AVP in dubai islamic bank. Us ky baad wala does his own business in dubai, he owns a construction company.

-Ap ky ghar mai kon kon hota hai?
Bas omer aur mayray ami abu, mai sirf weekends ko aati houn!

*A question which comes alot to mom*

-Ap ki shadi ho chuki hai, ya phir ap ky liye bhi dhound rahain hain?
Lol my mom's voice is like a young girls so we always have to answer this question and when the people come and meet her and she introduces us billay they usually get shock :p

-Ghar damaad banna chahay ga?
(what the hell, guys being ghar damad, for me it sounds illogical)

-Gari kon si chalata hai?
(tusi munday naal viyah kerday paye ho ya phir udhi gaddi naah? :p)

-Ghar apna hai?
(well it is a logical question, but i hate when people ask a girl's family about this question, like wtf you bringing the girl to your house, not going to your house, so why should it concern you that her family owns the house or not?)

-Ab tak kitni girlfriends reh chuki hain?
(hahaha, when aunty asked this question, from mom... she got really angry at first but then we both started to laugh, infront of her.... it was so awkward, ab hum un ko kya batayein is sawal ka jawab, girlfriend thing is just too common these days, and did we bother asking that how many boyfriends their daughter have? No we didn't... toh why bother ask such a silly question *i know most of you would be thinking key mayra demagh kharab hai* per seriously!)

-Namaz perhta hai?
(my answer to this larka musalman hai ;p)

-Ap ki awaz aur bolnay ky andaz sey lag raha hai ky ap pakistani nahin.
Gee hum sab bahraini hain, hum sub wahan paida huey, aur wahein study kiya per mayri shadi ky waqt pakistan aa gaye... Omer bhi wahan paida hua hai per yeh chota hi tha toh we came back.

-Larka cigerette peeta hai?
(aunty gee chars aur sharab ka bhi pooch laina tha saath hi :p)

-Ap log jahaiz lain gain?
(well, jo aap ki marzi woh day daina :p :p lol, what else should we answer... waisey hi jahaiz ka kya tuk banta hai is zamanay main? the girl should be nice and educated, what more a family can ask? Jahaiz is just a stupid tradition, like getting the girl with the stuff, and if she doesn't bring anything then taunt for her life, yahan key logoun ka kasam sey damagh kharab hai...)

-Pashto aati hai ap ky bhai ko?
(pathan key saath nahi sota raha woh :p)

-Ap ka beta bhi humein pasand hai is ki bhi sath mangni krnay ka irada hai?
(hain gee? wtf am only 20 why the hell would i want to marry your other daughter, who is just 18 years old, *waisey dekhnay mai toh pyari thee i should have accepted, per agar mai accept ker loun toh bakiyoun amiyoounn ka kya hoga :p :p* it felt like buy one get one free offer ;d)

-Aap ka beta job krta hai?
(hello gee, mamay da viyah ho raha hai, mayray putar da nahi)

-Now some questions which were asked to my mammo directly....

-Ap kitnay bachay paida krna chahain gain?
(yes, am not kidding, one aunty asked this... and you don't wanna know what my mamoo answered :p seriously! mahaan hain woh gee ;))

-Ap kay shoq kis kisam ky hain?
(i like watching mujra's, having sex with any girl i see, and to see every girl head to toe which passes infront of me.... I would have been instead of his place i would have answered this :p like ki hogaya hai uncle gee, aap poochna kya chaa rahein hain, ask a clear question, asking a hobby thats another thing per shoq kis kisam key hain ?? LIKE WTF????)

-Ap ko khana pakana aata hai?
(haan gee hun tadi beti nu toh kuch andaa nahi ho gaa, tay mayray mamay nuu hi khana pakana parna hai, ya aap ki beti key liye 2 - 3 cook rekh daytay hain, GIRLS ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO COOK!!!)

-Ap kitnay bajay uthtay hain subah?
(0_0 *silence*)

anyways, i'll keep on uploading more stupid posts like this, and well i went to many houses till now, and every where i found something interesting ;)

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