Nahi re nahi

8:53:00 PM

Kaisi Hai Ye Dunya Dekho
Kaise Kaise Loog Yahan
Tune Inko Hai Pehchana
Naheen Ray Naheen

Just look around people are crying, fighting, fying.... Some tears will never dry for the unkind, and will never cry for mankind. Living monsters all around... Our species eat the woundedm, loving hearts become lost in darkness, abandoned by all... Many are drained of tears, unable to weep any longer... Innocence of life is lost why have all feelings gone? All the laughter has ceased... Black roses are born every breaking of morn... The world we live in is but a long nightmare.... But *sigh* have you ever seen the reality in it? I guess not....

Kisi Ka Bhi Dil Hai
Kisi Ki Bhi Hai Marzi
Tumne Hai Jhanka Kya Us Mein
Naheen Ray Naheen

If such a claim could be made against this day, who am I to dispel it? I cannot stake you wrong, and I mustn’t idle on being right. Let prophecy be broken, if need be, but do it in your own way. See, in your own way. Who am i to say something to you, its your choice.... Idolize yourself as you do sought features, and purge otherwise demented wisdoms. As it must be determined, by you, which cord to pluck.... I cannot stake you wrong,for choosing such, as it is your sound, to expel; should another break silence through your fickle fingers then never should your eyes have sought an instrument to ponder over, unless it was a tool meant to be shared..... I wish that you could have just once, just once looked into my heart and felt it.... listened to it.... per *sigh* you didn't, and you never will.....

Jo Tera Khuda Hai…
Wo Mera Khuda Hai…

Tera Kaha Na Manu Tu..

Kuon Mujhay Saza Hai…

Your eyes, so cold and dark they suck me in like a disease leaving me a worthless slave with someone hard to please.... Your skin, so sharp and rigid then touch me til I bleed if this love can cure it all it's punishment I need.... And all you can say to me is.... "No punishment is what i deserve because you think its I who make things happen around here.... Per i don't, if its like this its not my fault... i loved you till i could, yes i decided to leave you who cares about that... You deserve to suffer i am happy where i am i have moved on, now why do you hurt me in the way others can't, belive me, i can't, i just can't see you dying like this, please try to understand am miserable to some extent too so seeing you like this is unbearable at moments, other times its just fun to see someone so in love with me.... listen find a girl be happy, if that is your desire... It's not my fault that OUR God doesn't listen to you...."

Kadi Aa Tu Dil De Andar
Mein Tera Mast Kalandar
Kadi Aa Tu Dil De Andar...............

I guess, you never did understood.... Look at this, look at my heart.... It's been scratched, from your bloody dart... It's not what God choose for me, it was always what you chose for us.... I remember the old times, so vivid in my memory, When we called each other names, and when we had no fury.... Ever since that happened, you've changed into someone. Someone, unknown, I wanted to run. But after that veiw of you, you, singing your best, smiling not for the sake of others but because you were happy something caught my eye, that ring, that trapped me in my mind's mist. That ring I gave you, that ring that told about the past under the sun's ray. I found that watch, that watch you gave me for my birthday. I'd thought I lost it forever, along with that relationship. Turns out I was wrong, and I had one more life tip "Don't let go of the one you loved."

If you ever could just look in to this heart for once... you'll realise things.... but i guess you never understood and never will.......................................................

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