No one can

1:30:00 PM

I am frustrated,
I am irritated,
I am fed up,
But I can't even hang up,
Coz I love you,
Love you more then anything,
Coz you are my everything.

You want to test my love?
You want to test my patience?
You want to test my trust?
You really want to test me naah?

By doing all this?
By behaving like this?
By torturing me like this?
By teasing me like this?
By tearing me up like this?
But the more you try....
The more you'll know that how much I love you.

I do agree,
That by doing the things you are doing,
I am getting hurt,
Some time even feel like killing my self,
But I WON’T!!
Coz the people who love just don’t give up!
They stay with you till you are up!
Even some stay even longer then this,
And I am at least trying to be that one.

Can’t you understand what I am going through right now?
This time, this place,
I feel like misused,
I feel like am a mistake,
And it’s true that who was I to make you wait,
But still just give me a chance,
One last chance to breath,
Just in case there's just one left.
Coz you know,
That I love you,
I have loved you all along,
And I miss you,
I have been far away for far too long.

I’ll keep dreaming that you’ll be with me,
And you’ll never go.
Ill stop breathing if,
I don’t see you anymore.

So take as many test as you like,
You’ll be always in my life,
Even if I’m not in your life,
Because you are in my memory,
And no one can steel those from me.

(something from my drafts, my expression is not the same anymore)

P.s Extreme mood swings plus fever.... so expect more posts!!

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