Now the day ends

11:51:00 PM

Lamha lamha ghutan hai,
Ankhein bin tayray num hai,
Mayray jaltay jahan main,
Bus yehi ek ghum hai....

It takes just a second, even a milli second for me to start missing you again. Although being content was once a thing which i desired, yet now the feelings has changed, being satisfied with my life doesn't matter anymore, maybe because i am content these days, although there is lack of peace in my life and i don't know where i am, may be am lost but am still content with what i have. Now i want to be happy, even knowng the fact that you are really happy doesn't fulfill my need of being happy, am mad, am irritated these days i don't know where you are, i don't even know that i exist for you or not. Somehow there are lots of other worries which makes me forget you, i have moved on but still i wish to remember you time to time...

Dil ki viraaniyan dhounday tujhy,
Raaho ky faaslay kyun bhar gaye,
Kaisi yeh zindagi jo hum jiye,
Is ney ansoo aur gham dixe.

Maybe, i just want freedom, some peace. A little satisfaction that whenever i would feel all low and gloomy i wouldn't be alone, i would have someone to cheer me up some one to say that am with you... Some who could say ubaid, tum pagal ho, ab jaldi sey sahi ho jao mai houn naah... Well i guess am stupid and not thankful to allah, because i do have my friends with me, atleast sometimes they are with me... Well maybe i just like making fuss of things without any reason... Or maybe i just needed to write this way, because writing like this makes me remember the old ubaid, time changes alot of things, i always thought i wouldn't change. But i did. I did change, i don't know for good or for worse but i have changed, such posts like this one don't have any meaning but i still like writing such ones... Well i knew i would be doing such thing, sara din bohta hi high and happy tha.... I guess i should stop writing now :)

Good night....

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