Perhaku Bachiyan

6:24:00 AM

Did i mention that finally my area has been made hostel town =/ .... the two houses infront of me have been converted into Girls Hostel, the house on my left was a boys hostel now they changed it into a girls one and the house on my back which was of my friend they sold it, and now this one has been made into a girls hostel as well (yeah i know most of you would be thinking that how lucky i am) But most of the girls are doing either MBBS or BDS and those girls don't have any life what so ever :p i have been doing a scientific research on them, let me discuss it further...

Day 1-
6.30 am: Me on the roof giving palooo si chiryan their dana and pani (giving birds food and water)... bachi 1 sitting in the stairs studying....
9 am: Went on the roof to put the towels so they could dry up.... Bachi 1 still studying
1.30pm: Went on the roof again, to get the dried towels back.... YET AGAIN BACHI 1 studying.... 0_0
7pm: Playing cricket on the roof.... and the best thing which i see, bachi 1 still studying and oh yeah eating cheetos along :p
11.30pm: No light bohat garmi mayri band bajingzz me on the roof walking shawlking... Bachi 1 + bachi 2 studying with torch lights (woh china wali hotien hain naah batiyaan odhay naal) and oh yeah bachi 3 (she is the most cutest one peechay walay hostel main ^ ^) sleeping sitting or something she looked ajeeb :s.....
2am: Me talking on the phone with maryam... and waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh mai sadkay jaoun maa di laadlii tay Bachi 1 still studying (seriously i felt like puking to see this)....
3am: me still on phone, bachi studying while half latki hui thee bani per (i can't translate this in english) *me curious*..... full time guts shuts jamah ker key and was cautious key woh cheekhay mat maaray :D ... i say "salam"....
Bachi 1: w/salam
Me: hiii my name is ubaid... and guess what am the neighbor who has been watching you studying all day long
Bachi 1: Excuse me??
Me: oh i mean, mai jitni baar bhi uper aaya houn aap ko study kerta hua dekha, i know shaukat azeem kehta hai key parha likha punjab and stuff... per WOW!! i didn't knew someone can actually study this much *saath saath me smilain pass keringz*
Bachi 1: hahaha, nahi nahi aisi baat nahi... kal akhri paper hai so studying for that.
Me: ohh... ok... *my phone rings* chalo talk to you later.... bye
Bachi 1: (she must be thinking key mufaat main free hoingz but phir bhi she said bye)

After 2 - 3 days:
4.30 am: Heavy rains... me having full time fun shun in the rain *full time pagal pan keringz*.... and well shocked again 4 bachiyan sitting in the room studying..... o_O

Pavaain paper houn yaa naah houn kuriyaan da parhna buhaaat zaroori hai.... tay sada conclusion aaii hi hoya pher key bachiyaan hondi hi perhakuu aain :D

Its concluded that, no matter if the exams are going on or not... girls are destined to study, not because they forced to do so, but because they wish to do so.... and because of such sincerity, devotion a conspiracy is caused that girls take all the seats in good university, and boys get dhakay(pushes) ....

Khuda dey vastay... kasmayy khuda dey vastay ainaa naa perha kero... aiween hum ghar waloun koloo zaleel honday hain.... :( - This social service message is brought to you by every larka who has a girl friend and prefers to be with her, then his books..... *ding dooonnnggg*

P.s bachi 1 key khilaaf koi kuch naa bolingzz... us key saath good hello hi hoingzz... so no bakwasiyaat over here about her, haan bachi 2 or 3 key baray mai dil khol key baat ker saktay hain ;)

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