Screaming helps

9:52:00 PM

Screaming her name at the sky wandering but I dont know why feeling these thing I never felt when i think of her while whishing she was here to hold my hand and look into my eyes so I can see how she really feels thinking that she is the girl for me so I sit here on the driving seat driving on my way back from the airport alon and screaming her name at the sky outside my car window while acelarating through the huge high way road questioning myself is there no one else out there for me trying to not die and only to survive thinking of using my mind every day cuz thinking just isn’t the safest thing for me sitting alone while the wind blowing my hair tears dropping screaming with joy, music as high as possible with rushing thoughts running through my head wandering if she still cares as she laugh’s while she ripped out my heart dipped in gas and lit it on firs with a single swift stroke of a match

Originaly written on saturday 22nd august 09... 10.40pm while driving on my way back from the airport.... I guess i really lost my expression....

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